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Hey guys. I once listened to a Podcast from Kevin Gifford called "Fun" and it had Japanese game music on it. I had heard of Kevin Gifford from 8-4 Play. Well I heard this great song and decided to remake it in gameboy style. What do you guys think?

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Doing this for the third time :) Here you go guys. It's another post on my blog recommending some VIDEO GAME MUSIC. I hope you guys like the music I recommend!

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Here you go guys. It's another post on my blog recommending some VIDEO game music. I hope you guys like the music I recomend!

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Hey guys, here is a new article I'll be writing on video game music. It was influenced by 8-4 Play's occasional guest Kevin Gifford.Give these four songs a listen and see if you agree with how I feel about them. These are very safe and standard choices. I'm starting with that and then I'll branch out. Thanks for listening. But thanks mostly to the amazing musicians who made this work. Oh by the way, I'm currently writing a GB downgrade version of the Yōkai Dōchūkii theme song. I'll post that soon too. Also I transcribed the sheet music for Chun Li's ending from Street Fighter Alpha 3 on request of James Chen. Here is what that sounds like.

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I don't know if I love the sound, but I really appreciate what you've done. Good job.

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This looks COOL!

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I love how the helicopter gets there and the dude kicks Bin Laden in the head three times and tiger knees him into the helicoptor

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Thanks guys!

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I was talking to someone earlier today about E3. This person said to me "You do know that you only saw about ten percent of E3, most of it is behind closed doors." I've never been to E3 and I was wondering about the validity of this statement.

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Okay dude, so this was really relevant to me.

Two night ago I dreamed that Vinny had a cooking show on the Travel Chanel. All of a sudden I was at his house 'in the suburbs' kind of mingling and I found out that I was to start cooking meatballs on the grill.

I went outside to cook meatballs and some old man was like "Well young man you don't want to cook with those sandals on, you might drop some meat on your foot. So I started walking inside and all of a sudden I started getting some freaky weird thing in my vision like I was having a stroke or tunnel vision. I walked up to Vinny and told him disappointingly that I was wearing sandles and that something was seriously wrong with my vision. He was very polite and sat me down and talked me through it and tried calming me down but then I woke up. Man having panic attacks in dreams is no fun.

I know it all sounds funny but the dream had a pretty serious tone to it. It's funnt too because Bombcast and Tested are my favorite podcasts, but i definitely don't think a ton about it unless I'm on the site or listening to the podcasts.

WEIRD shit man.

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