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I'm going through stuff now. I'm homeless. Look I'm not going into details because I'm actually fucking awesome, but yeah. The Bombcast is great. HOWEVER. Dude, don't ignore your doctor's advice. And don't come here for medical advice. Seriously though the bombcast is awesome, but it's just a podcast. If you have a doctor telling you to take anti depressants, then listen to the DR.

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Well said Dan. great article.

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Dude, David Wise is great. I don't know where the hate comes from. Time Lord!

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I'm trying to think. The california Extreme ones were really good.

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Look I've followed these guys since EGM days. They translate for a living. They all speak a whole other language. I just think it would be awesome if they just jokingly did a skit or said a few things to eachother in Japanese so we could hear them. We all listen to the podcast because we have sensibilities towards Japanese games. So hearing these guys speak it fluently for a tiny amount of time would be a lot of fun like just the intro or something.

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Well as an update I asked Mark on Twitter to do it:

@markmacd Will you guys PLEASE speak Japanese on the Podcast?!?!?

@m1grations why do you ask?

@markmacd I know it's not natural to talk to friends that way, but it'd be entertaining for listeners to hear! Just a little

@m1grations aha gotcha : )

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No I mean just have them do it for show or for a tin bit.

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He guys. So I love the bombcast. I also like 8-4 Play, and I think it would be fun to hear a quick display of their Japanese skills. Especially with the new girl Sarah. Hit them up on twitter. The Podcast is good, but they have never once showed off their skills. I think as fans we'd like to hear it.Just for a bit.

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Exact. Just give in. I didn't watch wrestling from like 1999 to 2014 but I'm back into it an freaking loving it. Especially the Japanese stuff.