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Thats awesome Alex good j.ob.

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-I don't watch quick looks of games that are AAA titles or games that just don't seem interesting

-I was recently homeless, now I'm living in a really nice place and with a family and we have all the recent systems, but I can't really afford premium, so I can't watch or listen to any of that stuff. Otherwise I would listen to it all except Alt+F1

-Besides that, I really enjoy most of the content.

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@starvinggamer: Hahah I wish I was you and was able to play this game as a kid. What city and arcade was this in? I live in Colorado and all we ever got were the mainstays such as X-Men.

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Hey, I figured I'd post this here since the Adventures Of Lolo forum is lifeless. I'm a fairly hardcore VG music connoisseur and I've spent a lot of time trying to find good stuff! Please only post good stuff. No freaking bad stuff. Well I guess we'll decide that after you post it :) :) Please post especially if you are a musician!

Youkai Douchuuki main theme! Such good and happy music! And don't forget the real life band remix. Which is just as good!

Time Lord Intro Music Holy crap man, some actually great music from an American back in the NES day!? It actually happened. David Wise (currently working for Retro Studios) just kills on this intro song and actually the whole soundtrack is unique enough to warrant mention!

Street Fighter Alpha Ending Chun Li My little claim to fame is that I actually wrote this song out on piano for James Chen of fighting game community fame. He sent me 20 dollars and did an interview for me! What beautiful tune!

Some random song from Adventures Of Lolo on GB Wow so this is a really cool little song! It has a minimalistic little drum beat and cool dueling synths on top. The end is especially cool with the starry little synth on top. Good stuff!

Le Danse Macabre from Shovel Knight. Man this games music is godlike. Some of the best VG music I've heard in years! This is my favorite stage song. Although the ending song is by far the best!

So what do you guys got!? I run a Tumblr doing reviews and focusing on VG music. Although I'm not aloud to post it here, so I just wanna know some good stuff you guys have? Let's hear it!

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Yup it's the same as from the Genesis. Maybe I'm going to have to try this other Punisher game though, sounds cool!

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The ending to Shovel Knight is definitely one of the all time best video game endings I've ever played and left me crying. Not being sarcastic here at all.

The scene where Shovel Knight saves his comrades and it shows them all in their own little worlds doing all sorts of cool stuff was FUCKING incredible. Like the music medley was blowing my fucking mind. As a musician, some of the stuff going on in that last ending song is totally nuts. Like I haven't heard that ridiculously detailed and crazy in depth type of music since Starbound by Shnabubula. Especially near the end of the song when the musical theme from the first level / the camping sequence is revisited, I found it very emotional and incredibly satisfying. And then the Shield Girl payoff. Come on guys!

Of course some of the later levels were quite difficult for me, but I got through them. I was getting kind of tired of the game by the time I beat it. But the ending was like this intense musical emotional experience that maybe the most charming thing I've ever seen and American developer create!

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Excuse me if I'm late to the party, but I just played a game that's easily a 9/10. It's Capcom's The Punisher for arcade. Now this game is really great beat 'em up action straight from the '90s. The graphics, which are highly detailed sprites are great. The gameplay is so much fun, the way the punches crack bones and the way your gun just pops off is very satisfying.

I noticed that some of the sounds in the game are ridiculous though! When you do your special attack The Punisher lets out a high pitched yelp/scream that's real stupid. And when you start the game some Japanese guy screams out something with such a thick accent that it's impossible to decipher. I made a very very short sound clip of the game.

So what do you guys think of that sound?! Have any of you any fondness for this title? It's really good!

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@lukeweizer: Yeah man, when I go to my local meetups. Probably 1 out of 15 or 20 people use pads. Most people by far use fairly expensive arcade sticks. . Look at Street Fighter or King Of Fighters or Tekken or Virtua Fighter or Blazblue. In their original incarnations these games were in Japanese arcades, so they were actually made to be played with arcade stick setups. Now there are games like Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Injustice: Gods Among Us that actually have only come out on consoles. But because of the legacy of Japanese arcades many of us still use arcade sticks for these games.

So the fact that some dude ended up schooling all the worlds best players using a PS1 pad is a little crazy. I have known about Luffy for a long time now and heard about him using a pad a long time ago when Daigo played him in Europe and counterpicked him by playing Cammy I think it was. I never would have predicted Luffy to win EVO this year.

NOW, there is one major fighting game that uses pads only, and that's Super Smash Brothers. The Super Smash Brothers community has also historically been a little bit separate from the main fighting game community. But this is changing.

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Hey guys. I once listened to a Podcast from Kevin Gifford called "Fun" and it had Japanese game music on it. I had heard of Kevin Gifford from 8-4 Play. Well I heard this great song and decided to remake it in gameboy style. What do you guys think?

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