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@Aelric: Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos

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I don't think we will really see anything too cool out of it until the next console is out. I bet they have big plans for this.

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@valrog said:

Why does everyone keep bringing up L.A. Noire? It wasn't even developed by Rockstar.

Rockstar was the ones who announced the PC port

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The only problem I have with it, is that they are changing the terms of my purchase, after the purchase was already made. At least with the PSN thing, the games I owned would still continue to work.

But also, for me personally, I hate the whole 'class action' lawsuit as I think it hurts as a society and really only benefits lawyers and rarely if ever true victems. So I will sign it if for no other reason than that. I can understand why someone may not like it based on their own experience, but after being involved in a few dealing with a largeautomakers, I would never agree to be part of a class action ever again.

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So basically, a bunch of shooters... tomb raider reborn ... as a shooter... and South Park.

The glass thing looks kind of OK... but I am not going to leave my xbox on when I watch TV. Any games that would use it would just be thrown together since it will be better in the next gen XBOX anyway.

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The online stuff actually makes this game worse.

The only reason it is even pushed is that they see the real mony auction house as a potential new revenue stream. Falls right in the with the 'monitize everything' mantra.

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This completely dodges the whole question of why the fuck I have to log in to play a single player game to begin with.

Next thing will be someone getting banned from their single player game.

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I have never passed over a game because it didn't have achievements. But I have been pushed over the hump on games I was on the fence about getting because they they were there.

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I hate them for only releasing 2 games out of a trilogy on Steam. And even though I think Origin is a fine system, holding their games hostage on it put a bad taste in my mouth.

I still hate Activision more.

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Great game, wrong platform. Like sucking tit through a sweater.