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I have the original Europre cart (I bought it the week it was released), and this is possibly my fav game of all time, everything about this game is just awesome and epic.

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For sure, Snes has the two best Final Fantasy ever, which are  IV and VI (sorry, Cloud and Sephiroth fanboys), with no doubt the BEST action rpgs ever (Terranigma, Secret of Mana, Zelda: LttP...), the best and most frantic Contra, the two ULTIMATE 2D platform games (Donkey Kong Country series and Yoshi's Island), Mario Kart, Super Mario All-stars is the biggest killer app in history aside from Tetris for GB...and it goes on like this.
So, veredict: Best. System. Ever. The only system that could be near Snes would be Game Boy or the original NES
It would be great if developers stopped creating so many fancy graphics and they tried to achieve such gameplay and fun that Snes games have.The only hope nowadays for old school gamers like us is the NDS I think, there are lots of remakes out there from Snes classics and even japan-only releases