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Its way better than Facebook, except that Facebook has the numbers. 
When G+ goes public, I imagine within a few months the numbers of people actively using it will grow quickly. What I like most about it is how it fulfills the roles of both Twitter and Facebook. 
Currently I actually do have a few friends who use it, most poeple I know who have G+ post stuff on both FB and G+. I hope a lot more people take this in, I enjoy having a clean UI and being able to manage who can see what better.

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are they sure it was terrorists?

Anybody who blows up a government building is a terrorist.                                        
No, that's not the meaning of 'terrorism'. Get it right. 
If the bombing was meant to instill fear as a means to attain political change, it's terrorism. If the bomb was done out of simply insanity or hatred, it's something entirely different.
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And we wonder why companies aren't as honest with us as they are.  Nintendo is telling us their game plan, the console is 3D capable but it's not going to be a priority, and we're ragging on them.  This is the reason we get fed bullshit by Microsoft and Sony (and Capcom) all the time, it's easier to build false hype for something and just drop it when you've already hooked the customers.  I have no interest in 3D gaming, but if I was a gamer who was interested in 3D gaming, I would be glad Nintendo told me it's not really something they're going to push.
It's not that Nintendo said they aren't putting the most focus on 3D television that is getting everyone upset. It is that they gave an unclear answer "The Wii U could support 3D" when people want to know whether it will or not, not whether it could.  
Knowing Nintendo and their history, I can read between the lines and tell that they aren't going to support 3D but didn't want to deny it for PR reasons, this just backfired on them by neither confirming or denying.
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Future proofing Iwata, it's called Future Proofing.   You think after the internet, friend codes, and HD you'd realize this buy now and would include technological features in anticipation of a growing market. 
A slowly growing market that is growing because you get it for free if you buy a new TV. Yea right, that's totally the same as the Internet.
I can't even follow the logic in your post. What are you talking about "You get it for free"?  
Nintendo has always been slow to adopt new technology or even to include technological features to appeal to a growing market, arguing that there are few people. Unless Nintendo doesn't intend on selling the Wii U for 4-5 years, neglecting 3D is just doing the same as neglecting proper Internet compatability or HD like with the GCN and Wii. 
People are going to be buying 3D televisions, that number is going to grow just the same as HD television adoption and broadband/dsl internet. Arguing that "We have a 3DS!" is just, well plain stupid.
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Future proofing Iwata, it's called Future Proofing.  
You think after the internet, friend codes, and HD you'd realize this buy now and would include technological features in anticipation of a growing market. 

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I know of a book, its really old and people have been getting children to read it from cover to cover all their live. Its got violence, sex, scenes of rape, genocide & mass murder. A book that condones racism sexism and bigotry and its main character is a schizophrenic, narcissist with a god complex.

This is a book that people say teaches you how to live you life, and its also the same book that then says if you child is disobedient you should take him out and kill him. And its also considered by millions to be a literary work of art.

I won't say what this book is but I'm sure you've figured out by now. So why aren't we protecting children from this.

Where in the Bible does it say you are suppose to kill your children?  Also, schizophrenic and narcissist?  Jesus is suppose to be a selfless character and never claims to be god.  
You should probably check the Old Testament. As for Jesus being god uh... it is a large part of Chrsitian belief that Jesus was God in the Flesh of Man.
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@Gremmel: You, my swishy, Swedish friend, win the "Drama Queen Swede" award of the century. And people say Americans are ignorantly uber-nationalist. Can't we all just agree to disagree? On a more serious note... Yeah, this is good. The government wasn't involved with the regulation of violent video game sales before, and this law would've established precendent that could influence future, mor harsh, regulations such as denying games a rating thus rendering them banned, like Germany or Australia. Maybe this decision would encourage their activism in ending the system? I know Australians are trying to change theirs... Or want to change it anyway...

Hardly any games get banned in germany. And those that actually DO get banned are games that bear no artistic value to begin with. Nobody can tell me with a straight face that the world of art and media is richer because someone made Postal.

Art is subjective, what to you may not be art or make media richer may so forsomeone else. Who are you to dictate otherwise? 
Either way, everything do have some value for historians in the future. Given that you mention Postal and it's reputation has proven it has a staple point on the history of gaming. 
Ergo, Postal is significant. 
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Dang people get uptight about anything. 

I already explained, this is hardly 'anything' or a trivial topic as you suggest. As I said before, I don't think you lack an opinion on this topic. You simply don't want to express your unpopular opinion. But fine, it's obvious I'm not going to get any further with you on this.
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You can't be neutral about it, if you count yourself as human and a part of society that is. This isn't like say Global Warming, Evolution, or any other controversial issue or policy where you are against it because it doesn't concern you or because you don't understand the subject enough. [b]This is human rights[/b]. Either you are for the liberty of homosexuals are you are against the abomination that is gay marriage and homosexual relationships.

You can't just say "I don't care".

but what if i follow China's lead? China is pretty neutral on everything!

Well China is less neutral and more "Human Rights? HAHAHAHA shut up and do what we say"