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Dead Rising 3 is the one that interests me. I may buy this console.

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100$ cheaper, more indie games, Pc has Xbone games but not PS4 games.
I don't think i'll buy the it.

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I made a nice lumberjack shack.
Locked the door.
Came next day, there was a hole and a ladder on top of the house.
All my wood gone.

Minecraft, you do not disappoint.

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FPS Homeworld.

Update: Kart Racing Darksiders

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Just stop this talk of "Is this art or not?".
Why does it even matter?

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i cant stress enough how much i hate 30 capped frame rates.


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- bank loan million bucks

- start kickstarter campaign

- finance yourself

- suckers think it is legit

- ???

- profit

what if suckers do not think it is legit,

you will only lose %3 or something.

but this is teh internet, everything is legit.

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Bunch of items pops up.

So satisfying.

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they would be fishing, training fish and fighting fish for days to come.

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Firefox 3.6
Windows XP 

Can not post comment if Ad-block is active. 
Not a very serious issue since i can copy comment, disable adblock, refresh, paste and send.
just reporting.