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I don't have a projector setup, so take this with a grain of salt. But I have done a fair amount of reading.

The Benq seems to be a great entry level projector for gaming, one of the few I have my selections narrowed down too. The Epson 8350 being the other. They are both very low input lag and put out a good picture.

The Sony VPL-HW55ES is several leagues above those projectors in quality, performance, and price. You should expect a much better picture, because you are paying for it. The input lag is higher on the Sony, but not anywhere close to what you would notice unless you are some kind of gaming god.

26ms is far lower than most TVs will give you, I wouldn't expect any issues. And in the TV world Sony is leading the pack in reducing input lag.

Is the Sony worth 3x the cost? It isn't to me, but it is a very well liked projector. I think you will be amazed with it. But if you want a lower cost option don't be afraid to check out the Benq or the Epson.

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This seems to be a great site when trying to find info on input lag (by far the most important factor for gaming), they have a lot of measurements and reviews. Even some recommendations. http://www.displaylag.com

One they recommended in their Holiday Guide is the LG Electronics 42LB5600 42-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED TV, and it's only $350 on Amazon. They clock it at 27ms, not quite what a monitor will get you but not far off either. I might be picking that up today because my big screen just died (again).

I would avoid Samsung, for many reasons. I have a personal grudge against them because the 67 inch TV they sold me broke 3 times in less than 5 years, and they refuse to fix it again. Maybe I am too old to live in the world of throwaway technology, but a $2k TV should be more reliable than that. They also tend to do poorly in the input lag tests compared to other brands, right now Sony seems to be the king.

I would still shell out the extra for a monitor, unless you really need the size to sit farther back. I wouldn't do 4k either, unless you have some massive GPU power to drive it. I think you would be happier with 1920 res running faster and with more eye candy turned on.

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I bought BF4 on Origin, never again. It shows me the same stupid popup everytime I log in. Once I am done with it (and I think I am), Origin is getting uninstalled.

I will never again buy a PC game from a service that isn't Steam. If it's not on Steam, I simply won't play it. I already have more games than I will ever possibly touch there, so if developers don't want my money that's fine with me.

I don't trust these companies not to turn the games off at some point.

The only exception to this is Mobas and MMOs. They have their own communities and launchers because it makes sense for them to.

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I liked most of the Halo 4 story. The whole chosen one nonsense is overdone, but The Chief and Cortana was more than enough to keep me interested. I actually felt bad for him at the end.

I eagerly finished Halo, and I couldn't get through ME even though I played the shit out of the first two.

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Apple is also the only 64 bit chip on the mobile space right now too. I can't really say how much that matters, but they are the only ones that have it so far.

I plan to order the 128 GB Plus on friday, I think it looks like a great product. So far I don't care for mobile games, but the larger screen might change that.

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This is good and bad for me.

As someone smart enough to live on the correct (east) coast, it might mean some events that I could make it to. So that is a big upside.

But it also means that he Vinnie won't be on the Bombcast anymore I assume, and that is a huge downer. Brad, Vinnie, and Jeff are what really made that shine. I am sure it will still be good, but I don't think it will ever be the same.

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@mike17032: SLOW down, u know it's coming, I know it's coming, we know it's coming. the system has been out for 3 weeks.

Really? I haven't seen that announced anywhere. It seems to me that MS wanted to replace it with a service you pay them for, that doesn't work as well as the old system did on top of that.

The 360 had this feature at launch, and it remained pretty much unchanged for the whole life of the system. It's a stupid thing to not have ready on the One, and I bet if they had spent half the time they used on getting their "here you can pay us for music" on the system for putting the old system back in it would be there. But the confused mixed nature of the One has the system being pulled in 100 directions, and it is far worse off because of it.

MS seems to have forgotten the very important lesson that no one is going to buy these things to be a media device. That stuff always has to be secondary to the system being a game machine. I don't want to pay for some stupid music service to listen to on my One, I just want to be able to listen to my music while I play a game.

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It is fucking unreal that something the 360 could do flawlessly at launch is garbagetime broken on the One.

Get a clue Microsoft, no one wants to buy music on your shitty store (and we don't want your fucking movies either). Just build in Airplay (and whatever other options are popular) and be done with it, and make the fucking thing work like it did on the 360 where it would take over the game music and pause for cutscenes. And having to give up 25% of your screen so I can see the name of the song I already know is playing? What moron thought that was a great idea?

Gimping your support of music streaming sure as hell isn't going to make me buy your service, it's just going to make me play games on my computer instead where iTunes works just fucking fine.

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Ya it's an improvement, but it's still not as good as the 360s controller (and the One is better still).