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If you like city building 0

If you enjoyed Sim City, chances are you will enjoy this game. The game is a city builder that has a heavy focus on resource management, you make most of your money from export and not from taxes.So you need to produce goods, starting with basic things like crops, harvesting lumber and mining ore. The raw goods can be exported for relatively small amounts of money. Or you can build factories, to turn sugar into rum or logs into furniture. However they are expensive to build so you can't do it ri...

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Driving Nirvana 0

Easily the best racing game ever made, hands down. It's true that there is not a whole lot new over Forza 3, but given that the game was already pushing the max of what the 360 can handle graphics wise there really doesn't need to be. Everything is just a little bit more refined and has a few better options.The amount of cars (and the detail on each one) is staggering. If you drive any kind of sporty car, there is a good chance it's in here. Even the exhaust sounds dead on for the different mode...

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Not That Good 0

I think this is a step in the wrong direction for this series, it actually feels like a step backwards.  The series has had some awful games recently, no question about that.  And this is an improvement over those games for sure, but it also isn't what it should have been.  Given the title, I expected a game a lot more like NFS: Most Wanted.   But this game is far too stripped down to fit the bill.  There is no car customization, no upgrades for the cars, and the "open world" is not very open.  ...

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Very true to Batman 0

I have never played a super hero game that captured the feel of a character better than this game does.  Using the same voices that did the work in the Batman, Batman Beyond, Superman, and Justice League TV series really makes this game feel like Batman.  Mark Hamil (Luke Skyewalker) is the voice of the Joker, and he does a fantastic job as always.  The gameplay is solid.  Batman has his usual arsenal of toys, and all of them work very well.  There is a nice mix of stealth and combat, though I w...

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Do you like pressing X? 0

    This seems like a very limited game, without much going for it.  Combat is the very definition of repetitive, and most of the strategy elements are badly lacking.   For the most part all you will do is mash X until your power bar builds up, then press B to blow apart everything in sight.  The only real tactics you have to decide on is what enemy base you are going to move to and mash X at next. But for some reason, I keep playing it.  Smashing dudes by the thousands must satisfy some inner p...

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A very limited FPS 0

The game doesn't really have much going for it.  I would call it your standard FPS if it had come out 5 years ago, but games have evolved a lot since then and what we have come to expect has changed.  Short of the basic cover system, the game has pretty much nothing else besides shooting wave after wave of enemies that spawn out of nowhere.  The nowhere spawning is at least addressed in the story, but its still nowhere spawning.  Even the cover mechanic isn't all that great, I didn't even use it...

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A good tower defense game. 0

If you like tower defense games, this one is a solid offering.    Towers are upgradeable, and varied with what they do.   I found it more of a benefit to use up all of your tower spaces before upgrading though. Later levels even offer "open paths", where you can alter the route that the baddies take by your tower placements.  Thats something not all TD games have.    Not much else to say about the game, but I do enjoy playing it....

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If you like building things, this game is fantastic. 0

Remember the spaceship building from Kingdom Hearts?  Well if you liked that, this is the game for you.   This easily gets my vote for underrated game of the year.  The only reason I even knew about this game was because of the Bombcast.    I did spend hours tweaking my vehicles, trying to get them to be "just right".  Just beating the game should be very easy for most people, but each challenge a trophy associated with it as well and getting all of those can be VERY hard.    One of the coolest ...

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This game really has it all. 0

I really enjoyed this game, far more than I expected.  I have never seen a game that did so many different forms of combat so well.  Melee combat, weapon combat, vehicle combat, stealth elements, upgradeable powers, it all works very well.    I liked the story quite a bit as well, and its neat to see how the city changes as the game moves along.     The game seemed to get quite hard toward the end, with some of it bordering on frustrating.  Choppers need to be toned down a bit late game, because...

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If you found GTA:IV lacking... 0

If you were pissed off by a lot of the stuff that didnt make it from GTA:SA to GTA:IV, this is the game for you.  Saints Row 2 takes all those wonderful side things to do and expands on them and evolves them.  You can buy properties, take over gang turf, customize cars (in meaningful ways too), customize your gang, buy clothing, all the fun stuff that GTA:IV lacked.  By far the best improvement over the GTA series is how this game handles cars you own.  Instead of find a great car then parking i...

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