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Hunter, The 3D sandbox game released in 1991 for the Amiga.

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Looks great, especially the level one :D

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Hardly post on the forums, but listen to the podcast every week and have for a few years. Sucks so much to hear he's passed away :(

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Ah, I recently moved from St. Helens to Warrington.

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As long as when I wake up in the morning its out I'm happy as can be.

Wednesday's trip to and from work are often the best of the week :D

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@mattf87 said:

Yeah.... that might not work out so well. I live half way between Manchester and Liverpool. We play rugby to avoid the argument :-)

Sunny St. Helens?

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Manchesters great. You'll love it.

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Hi, I'm Mike

Been listening to the podcast for a while, signed up to the site but never posted or used it really, figured it was about time I did.

so, hi there :)

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I've been tempted to take up the trail over Christmas to get gifts here quick smart.