Awesome time at the Union vs Crew game last night.  2:1 loss, but Union put up a great fight considering Crew is the #1 team.


Saturday Night Shadowman

While on the beach at 1AM we noticed a tall black figure moving at an incredible speed up the beach.  Easy to say it was a runner (at 1 AM?), but at 5 blocks away it was just so tall and fast, and did not move in a straight line.  Two of my buddies ran after it at full speed and the object changed direction and began to head away from us.  Even though the distance between my buddies and the shadowman was great, it was still taller and faster.  When they came back "more scared now than before we ran after it" I roared with laughter at listening to their description.  Oh, those shadowmen.


Good morning

Nothing like waking up with the sun and grabbing some freshly brewed, delicious coffee and watching the town come alive.

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