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#1 Posted by Mike_Sandbag (40 posts) -

In regards to DLC, which are the ones for each game that I should try and play (incorporating them into the story)? I'm not 100% which ones come with the trilogy and which ones don't...

#2 Posted by Mike_Sandbag (40 posts) -

My apologies. Gratuitous was probably a bad choice of words. I just meant to ask if there was a lot of it. Thanks for the input. :)

If anyone else has stuff to add, feel free. :)

#3 Posted by Mike_Sandbag (40 posts) -

Okay, so apparently this game's pretty amazing, or so I've heard... Which means I'd like to give it a shot. But I'm a little hesitant for a couple of reasons. I'm not a big fan of gratuitous gore-type stuff. Is there a lot of that in here? Blood and bodies blown apart sort of thing? The Quick Look had a scene where a zombie's head was bashed in pretty brutally... Is that a major part of the game?

I'm also not a big fan of zombies in general. I just kind of think they're dumb. But from all the praise this game's getting, I'm definitely interested in it. I love a good story, especially an emotional one.

So does anyone have any insight about this stuff? Or any information I should know or be aware of going in? I'd be playing on PS3. And please, no spoilers. Thanks. :)

#4 Posted by Mike_Sandbag (40 posts) -

Thanks for all the different insights!

I'm leaning towards playing as a woman because I'm actually quite a fan of Jennifer Hale. I loved her as Sheena in Tales of Symphonia and have picked up on her voice in games and shows many times since then. Though I'm curious about the romantic interests. Is there a way to know who they are in each game for both male and female Shepard? Do they spell it out or is it more subtle?

And as for classes, does the game (the first in particular) give a good synopsis of what each of them do?

Thanks again and feel free to keep giving advice to both this question and my original post. :)

#5 Posted by Mike_Sandbag (40 posts) -

I just picked up the Mass Effect Trilogy for the PS3 (as I don't have an Xbox). After hearing how great the series is I've been looking forward to giving it a shot. :)

So what I'm asking here is, since I know very little, what should I be aware of going in?

What are the pros/cons to different classes? Pros/cons to Male/Female Shepard? Thoughts on custom Shepards?

Those are about the only questions I know to ask... So maybe there's more information I should know. I'd love some good advice. :) And please - no spoilers, as I know virtually nothing about the series... Though with all the chatter about how the trilogy ends, I'm a little concerned. As an aside, is there anyone out there that really likes how it ends or was at least satisfied? (Again, please no spoilers - thanks!)

#6 Posted by Mike_Sandbag (40 posts) -

Wow! I wasn't sure anyone would see this, but thank you for the comments! :) Sadly Steam's not really an option for me. My laptop isn't really suited for gaming, so I pretty much do most of my gaming on the PS3. Is it worth the extra 15 bucks for the Complete Package? (30 bucks) Or is the main game plenty? (15 bucks)

#7 Posted by Mike_Sandbag (40 posts) -

This game just got discounted on PSN. It's now $14.99 and that seems like a good deal...


That doesn't include the huge ton of DLC. You can buy the DLC bundle for $19.99 or the Game + DLC for $29.99.

What are people's thoughts on this? I wish if they had discounted the full game, they could have just discounted the bundle too, making it $19.99 or $24.99 or something, but alas...

Just looking for some opinions. After hearing this game praised so highly by the GiantBomb crew, I'm considering picking it up sometime. Thanks!

#8 Posted by Mike_Sandbag (40 posts) -

It certainly would be nice if this was ported to the PS3...

As much as I would love this game, I can't justify buying a Vita just for one game, at least not without money to burn. :/

And it looks like the Vita's pretty much dead in the water, sad to say.

#9 Posted by Mike_Sandbag (40 posts) -

I'm with GunslingerPanda.

I haven't played P4A yet, but if I were you, I'd go for the "better safe than sorry" route and finish P3 and P4 before starting Arena, just in case. :)

#10 Posted by Mike_Sandbag (40 posts) -

Hey, thanks for the comments! :) Glad Maya and Yosuke got some love. It's been about 3 weeks since I posted last, which means 21 new Puffs, including Yukiko and Kanji from Persona 4, more Ace Attorney characters, some Pokemon Gym Leaders, Tales of Symphonia people, and Marty McFly from Back to the Future and more!

Check them out! :)

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