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This sound is one of my favorite sound bits of any game.

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I always associate Neil Blompkamp with Duncan Jones, because both made big sci-fi debuts in 2009. District 9 for Neil, Moon for Duncan Jones. Duncan Jones went on to create Source Code, a rather good movie. Neil went on to create Elysium, eh. I don't know why I compare them, but goddamn do I prefer Duncan Jones.

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Too many cooks!

But seriously, looks like an awesome idea.

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Awesome read! A lot of what you touched on, I can relate to.

I have missed nearly every Nintendo release since the N64 days, only able to play bits and pieces of Super Mario Galaxy, and more recently, Super Mario 3D World and Tropical Freeze at a friend's house. I play a lot of games, and those Nintendo flagship games continually blow me away with just how goddamn well made they are. Super Mario 3D world was revelatory! I haven't had that pure sense of fun in a game since I was a kid.

In other words, I'm really looking forward to picking up a Wii U this holiday season!

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@dynamix said:

Are there kids in the game or is that DLC material?

Well played. I laughed. And then I took this seriously. If the game is going to such great lengths to be reprehensible, why not go all the way? Fucking weird time for games, man.

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Max Payne 3 has some realllllly violent gunplay.

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CoD 1

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If you've got friends to play with, check out DOTA and Diablo III. Both lots of fun, and something computers do best. Your first purchases are really, really solid though.

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Uh, TANG. Definitely TANG. Easily the stuff I rewatch the most (I don't rewatch a lot of stuff, though).

Dude what?! How has nobody mentioned This Ain't No Game?!

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What the hell is "F-zero"? I thought Captain Falcon was a Smash Brothers character.