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I think I was around 100 days of /played when I quit. But I had friends who were wayyyyyy worse. Like... 2 years of /played in a 5 year span.

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Only a few soundtracks I've kept in rotation. Braid, Limbo, Super Meat Boy, Hotline Miami, Fez, The Floor is Jelly, FTL. Really recent stuff, I guess. Generally, I like the instrumentals because they're good painting tunes.

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I expect it's because you have another meter to look at. Leveling up and improving, and seeing that in a tangible way, is addictive in any format, I imagine.

I play exclusively party, unranked games. I do not encounter the bullshit you seem to encounter. Sorry to hear you're getting matched with such nobs, though.

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Somehow I am not the only person who voted for Seaman. There are trolls among us....

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Chivalry! It looks good and it's hilarious.

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@redroach said:

weird....this is the exact same thing as what they asked me to do in my graphic design class at NAIT.

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I've been addicted to Dota 2 for a year now. I suspect its worse than WoW, which I played for two years, in that there will be no end-game that i'll eventually get fed up with. When I tired with losing, there's the interesting pro scene which just makes me want to play more. Feels a little dangerous.

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Of course it is. I'd argue that it's more next gen than both the PS4 and Xbox One. Its controller is easily the riskiest, most boundary pushing feature of any of the three major consoles, and with the most practical applications. Sure, Kinect is probably riskier, but the Wii U's controller opens up tons of worthwhile ways to improve control.

I don't own any yet, but I'll probably end up buying a Wii U. The argument that there's nothing to play on it is ridiculous. A better library than both Microsoft and Sony machines.

And for my graphics fix, I've got my kickass PC :D

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How much water does it really take to brush your teeth? Like, 3 ounces? 4?

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I live in Nebraska and I was taught on and currently drive a manual. I prefer it, and I've taught a good dozen or so of my friends to do it. The tipping point for their understanding of the mechanics is always when they figure out that the clutch controls the acceleration.