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@syz: That's the thing I really like about UNiEL though. It rewards stuff like good blocking and shielding with GRD blocks. So even though it's not your turn to attack you can still gain precious resources to make it easier to open your opponent up later. Blocking is a must in UNiEL! If you think you can reversal everything on wake up by mashing you will get blown up. Even man EXS moves can be beaten with a meaty normal.

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Thanks to all who signed up for this week. Have fun! Bracket can be found here.

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@irrelevantjohn: b-but... He just wants to party. Don't worry, I'm working on learning Hilda too. OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO

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I'm pleasantly surprised to see so much interest in UNiEL from all over. I'll add people to my PSN next time I log in so we can all get some casuals going.

@syz: I didn't catch your PSN ID. Even if you don't want to participate in the weekly we can still all play some casuals.

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@ninja_welshman: I have a great appreciation for clean classy looking fight sticks, nice work. Also, six buttons for the win.

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The best FG tutorial has to go to Skullgirls. It teaches basic things like cross ups and hit confirms. If you are PS plus member you would have got it for free. It always seems to be on sale somewhere on the PC also. Don't concentrate on combos at first in any game. Try to get the basics of movment and defending down. Once you get use to that you can then concentrate on turning your one/two hits into more damging combos.

I would also recommend picking up Ultra SF IV as it has the largest player base meaning people of all skill levels play it. Some of the more niche or older FGs will have a more dedicated community playing meaning it may be harder for you to get into at first. Either way you have to stick with a game to see progess. If you can lose and learn from it that's the most important skill to take into any FGs.

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@esrever: From what i've seen and read about it's mechanics, I can't wait!

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Under Night in-Birth Exe:Late

UNiEL is out! I thought this would be a good place for those interested in the game to post and ask questions. It came out in Japan on July 24 and is suppose to come to NA some time in 2015. The Japanese release will be region free allowing for easy importing and more importantly will be available digitally on PSN for the easiest method of importing. I will be splitting on the digital version with a friend.

How to digitally import?

If you are interested in the digital import method and have no idea of how it works check out this Dustloop article . If you currently don’t know anyone else interested in the game and the idea of splitting on it appeals to you post here and maybe you can find someone!

Have no idea what this game is/plays/looks like?

Check out the wiki on this site called GiantBomb.com for a quick primer on system mechanics and characters. English menu translation can be found here. You can also check out some videos of the game from Japanese arcades.


Casuals: Under-Night Tuesdays

I will designate an hour or two every Tuesday night for all of those who want to get some casual games in. Even if you don't want to participate in the weekly leave your PSN ID to get in on casuals.

List of GB people with UNiEL.

MahoushoujoA MahoushoujoA

Sign ups closed for this week. You can still post to get in for next week August 6-13.

Bracket for this week can be found here.

Double Elimination Tournament. Wednesday - Wednesday

I will be hosting a weekly tournament for UNiEL. It’s just for fun and all are welcome. The entire tournament will take place over the period of one week so match times can be flexible.

  • Best 2 out of 3 rounds.
  • Winner will be best 2 out of 3 matches.
  • Grand Finals will be best 3 out of 5 matches, with the player coming from losers bracket having to win two 3 out of 5 sets. One to reset the bracket and another to win the tournament.
  • A player that loses a match is allowed to switch characters, however a player who wins must choose the same character as his/her previous match.
  • If a player drops during a round, you must restart the match.
  • If bad connection and drops continue to be an issue then RPS will be used to determine the winner.

I will randomly seed the brackets for the tournament on Challonge. Please make a free account if you do not have one already and make sure to leave your username for Challonge in your post so I can add you to the tournament when the time comes. In order to keep things moving I am letting the players report on their match outcomes on Challonge. I don't see a problem with this now and hope one doesn't present itself in the future.


Eight player lobbies and mic support have been confirmed for UNiEL. In an ideal world net play would always work at 100% with no drops or lag issues. Unfortunately this is not always the case. I highly recommend you play a few casual sets against your opponent before playing a real match. Especially if you have never played them before as not all connections are made equal and not all play well together. If the connection remains unplayable then RPS will be used to determine the winner. I know people may be busy and not have time to play a first to ten set, however one rule is tournament legal.

The Ability to Request One Warm Up Match.

If you or your opponent agree to play out your tournament match right away that's fine. However if you want to play the match and your opponent requests a warm up match you must honour it. It must be 2 out of 3 rounds but this is the only rule that applies. Use whatever character you want or if you want to act as an online training dummy that's your prerogative.


This weekly is as much about growing as players and helping one another out as it is about competing. I have made a UNiEL group on Skype where people can meet up, set up matches and talk strategies. Mics are not required as you can still use text chat in the group. Add me on Skype MikeFightNight. Let me know you are from this forum.


Limited run. Once one is picked it's gone!

Kuutochi is volunteering his artistic prowess to be raffled to anyone who enters the weekly! One lucky entrant will get picked every two weeks and win a hand crafted UNiEL character keychain. (Art above) For every week you enter you will get a raffle entry. You will also get an entry if you place in the top 3. Yes they stack giving you better odds to win. All raffle standings will reset once the winner is picked for that two week period. You must show up and participate in the weekly to be eligible for the raffle. The winner for the future two week period will be picked on Wednesday, August 13.

What you're playing for!

1st place: One extra raffle entry & Pride.

2nd place: One extra raffle entry & The hunger to place first next week.

3rd place: One extra raffle entry & Nothing else.

You're automatically entered into a prize raffle just for entering and playing in the weekly!

Other Raffle Prizes!

  • Fun.
  • Match experience.
  • The desire to improve.
  • Advice.
  • Hype.
  • Encouragement.
  • A sense of community.
  • Salt.

Week of July 30 - Aug 6 entrants

MahoushoujoA MahoushoujoA MahoushoujoA
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Thanks to all who played last week. Sign ups are open for this week.