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Sign ups for this Saturday (Jan 31) are open. Click here!

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@nefarious_al: It could have been you were playing at a busy hour traffic hour for your ISP. Regardless you should give it at least another try. Next time I'm going to have losers brackets being played at the same time so things move faster.

Thanks to everyone who came out and GGs.

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Weekly lobby is up for casuals to anyone who's interested. Tournament starts at 8:00PM EST. Search ID is xal6

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Come on out for casuals right now! North America 1> District 1A> Room #21> Lobby name: Giant Bomb Casuals. EDIT: It's Over.

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Unfortunatley I just realized I will be away this coming weekend and can not hold the tournament on the regular Saturday schedule. Instead of just cancelling it for this week i've decided to move it up to during the weekday. I'm planning for same DQ times but this Thursday (Jan 22).

Apologies to @caudill @nefarious_al . I see you guys have already signed up and I hope you all can still make it on this new date. If not i'm flexible and can try and alter times in this case.

Let me know what's up.

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GGs to everyone who came out. Sorry if it took a little longer to get matches going with me trying to balance brackets and streaming. I hope to see you guys again next week!

Sign ups for this Saturday (Jan 24) are open! Click here to sign up!

I welcome any feedback you all have.

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To everyone who entered the stream lobby is up! Search id is: kypl

Come by for casuals. 8:00pm EST is when the tournament should start. I'll be looking at this forum and my twitch chat for communication.

Have fun and good luck!

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I'm glad to see interest here on GB for Xrd!

@iron1c said:

I can barely beat Arcade Mode and I'm from Europe (on a good connection though) - would I have any fun joining? :D

Hey, leave you PSN ID even if you're not sure about the tournament part. Number one reason i'm doing this is because I love Guilty Gear and want people here on GB to have a community space to play and have fun.

@l1ghtn1n: Come out for casuals during the week if that's all you can fit into your schedule;)