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Wish I could participate but I wont be around for the NA release of GGXrd. Hopefully a lot of people will give it a try and participate. I messed with the time limited Xrd demo that came out on PS4 awhile back and I can assure you all that it looks amazing and feels great.

For people new to the series check out some of these videos to give you an idea about how the game plays and some of it's new mechanics.

The new RC system

Youtube user Goldenrody has been uploading videos of GGXrd from Japanese streams since it's arcade release in Japan.

Twitch streamer Joniosan streams GGXrd live from Mikado arcade in Japan throughout the week.

Finally, a couple wiki sites that go over character moves and info.

Keep rocking!

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Having recently gotten back into WipeOut HD has reminded me how good the series was. We need a new WipeOut for ps4!? Sony do something!

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I'll be trying to help out @irrelevantjohn and @esrever with their Extra Life streams by giving them some content to fill out those 24 hours. I look forward to browsing through streams Sunday morning and watching people slowly go crazy. It's for the kids!

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I'll be down for some Under Night and I guess P4AU if it's for the kids. When's Xrd tho? PSN is MikeoFightoNighto, Nintendo ID is BuyMeAWiiUSoICanSellit

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That was a fun tournament! Big thanks to Gravity for hosting it and streaming and TFP for commentary and streaming. Good games to all the people I played. The raffle winners of the P4 Endurance Run Blu Ray set are @sigmacloud and @dan_persona! If you two could PM me your mailing addresses I'll send them out sometime this week.

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The entire Cypress Hill record Temples of Boom.

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@irrelevantjohn: I concur and think players who skip intros should be DISQUALIFIED!

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I'll donate two P4 Endurance Run Blu-ray sets to a raffle prize pool. As long as you show up and attend you'll have a chance at winning one. I'm not sure what my work and personal schedule will be like that weekend but sign me up as well PSN: MikeFightNight. If I do end up being busy i'll make sure to let you know before the tournament starts.

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Raffle time! You get one ticket for showing up and participating and another for coming in top 3.

Week 3 - Week 4 Raffle standings

MahoushoujoA – 4MikeFightNight – 4ESREVER – 3Kuutochi – 2Bloo561 – 2SigmaCloud – 2IrrelevantJohn – 1Kaziowihora – 1AND THE WINNER IS!

@mahoushoujoa !

Congratulations! You won your pick of one of the UNiEL character key-chains showcased above made by Kuutochi. Make sure to contact him with your mailing address to collect!

I'll be away this coming weekend and with me splitting on the digital version of P4U and my work getting more busy in the fall i think R.I.P is in order for the UNiEL weekly. Let us not be sad and instead celebrate that this Japanese only import FG from the makers of Melty Blood could have such a strong showing of interest here on GB. In fact, it still seems to be popular among the FGC and with it coming to NA sometime in 2015 it's sure to make a resurgence then.

I will still be trying to play casuals with people so make sure to leave your psn id so I can get some lobbies going.

The Rage Quit Weekly will return one day. See you all when GGXrd drops.

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@starvinggamer: The task of making a psn account and acquiring points can seem intimidating but it's actually not too bad. The game has been announced for NA sometime in 2015 so it will be here eventually. As far as the the GRD system it's not something you need to take advantage of right away. The more you play the more it will make sense and come naturally. One thing I've noticed about the game is a lot of players from different FG communities are getting into it, which is super cool.