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...I... I don't know what to say, really. A Junji Ito horror game is all i want.

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I need this. Now.

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...No. It was pretty pointless. But there was a user with a mini-bio made entirely of spoilers, and i thought that was pretty funny.

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Perfect. I love short games.

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When you play a lot of porn games, playing with one hand becomes an instinct. But seriously, play more turn-based games, like XCOM or something.

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It's beeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful, but damn, i miss the "Last forum posts" thing they got going in the previous design.

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@tylea002 said:

The Raid is middling at best and the new Dredd movie is excellent. It actually has some character work to go with the action. And like Sweep said, lots of times we get these odd coincidences in film releases. They happen way more than you think, just an odd quirk of the industry.

And the Stallone Dredd? Well, others said it best with "LAAAAAAWWWWW"

But the action in The Raid is way, way, way better. Also... LAAAAAAAAAAW!

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I just miss the forum activity thing. It was great.

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@Hailinel: I haven't seen the anime actually! But hey, if you can see MOTHERFUCKING RAOH animated... DO IT. It must be awesome. Also, what i like about the anime, is that... When someone dies... THEY'RE FUCKING DEAD. Game Over. No continues, no ressurrections, no nothing. It's great.

And i just love gore.

Gore? Did someone say gore?

The anime has tons of it, from what i've seen. The manga is more... Sophisticated? I mean, the manga has blood everywhere, internal organs flying around and people with deformed heads before the head fucking explodes, but it feels more controlled, almost like the whole mess was part of the martial art itself, it was great. The games don't do justice to the fucking awesome amount of violence there is in this franchise.