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@Ravenlight: It's this fucking thing. You can get a whole lot of meat, and if you want to eat the thing right in the restaurant, you don't need to close the "box" so you can put MORE. FUCKING. MEAT.

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Probably a particular stage interaction.

That's my guess too. I mean, we already have Bane as the "Really fucking big Batman villain" and Solomon Grundy as the "Really fucking big villain that kind of fights everyone". I love big guys in fighting games, but another one? Really?

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I hope the villain roster gets more diversified other then adding more villains from Batman's rouge gallery now that we have Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy, Joker and Deathstroke (He is diversified but has a strong grudge against Batman and Green Arrow).

Plus i hate to say it but i wouldn't mind seeing some type of dlc expansion show other sets of character such as Flash's rouge gallery or the other lantern corp

Deathstroke and Solomon Grundy are more general, so yeah, not really Batman. I still think FOUR Batman enemies is kind of overkill(Bane, Harley, Joker, Catwoman). I would love to see another Lantern Corp, but hey, what can we do, right?

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Close to where i live, you can pay 11$ to put as much meat as you can in a little "box"(It's not a box, but i don't know how do i say this in English). The meat is fucking delicious, so i'm thinking of trying that out when i'm hungry as hell.

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@NostalgicShakedown: Jay was a poster here for while and he was rather....fanatical and got way to overexcited about things. I do believe he eventually got banned however. If you were around on the forums when Jay was on them you'd know who he was.

He came back on an alt account to do a blog about binary domain but then disappeared again

He was banned again, but i dunno why.

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...Well, since i don't have XBOX Live, i suppose i'm fucked.

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@development said:

Everything you perceive comes from you brain. If you stop a brain from functioning, then your body -- mind and all -- stops... usually for good.

Better question: if your cells are constantly dying and being replaced every 7-10 years, then who's to say you're the same person you were 10 years ago? You literally and factually are not. Your memories tell you you're the same... but are you? Simply, no. If you want to be sure a being's attained the truest-possible form of life, then you need to create life in a more stable form... like a robot. But since we currently can't help the issue, there's no sense worrying about it. Besides, I'm no philosophologist.

I think that, while this is interesting, the question "who is the real one?" comes from the fact that there are 2 individuals, not because there's a new body. Also, i think the one in the "new" body, will end up being different, because he knows his a clone, and wants to detroy the original one. The real one doesn't exist, because they are different, even if extremely similar.

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Every goddamn time i see Bane using a move i feel the need to say "Ouch". He looks fucking awesome in the game.

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No, but i do want to fire a revolver.

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Are you allowed to voice your own opinion or you can just present facts?

Voicing my own opinion and discussing the topic is pretty important I think, which is why I chose a topic that I have quite strong opinions about.

I think you should talk about the history of the ESRB. You can talk about a lot of questions that way, mentioning the games that led to it's creation. Patrick also mentioned an article that shows that "game makers fund guns manufacturers", and you could talk about that. You could present certain moral/political questions and voice your opinion about that;

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Are you allowed to voice your own opinion or you can just present facts?