Persona 4- More than just a wacky adventure

                Now I know that I'm preaching to the choir by writing a blog post on GB about how much I love the Persona series, but I wanted to analyze what makes the series so endearing and effective to me. It all hit me when I was talking to my sister yesterday. We were talking about how people we know (myself included) have picky eating habits. At one point, I almost told her that I had a friend who can't stand eating tofu. I realized that I was thinking about my adventures in P4 the night before, where I learned that Yosuke doesn't like tofu. 
               This near mix-up made me realize how fleshed out the characters in P3 and P4 are. I genuinely feel like the members of SEES and the Investigation Team were my real friends when I play the game. For the record, I'm not a socially awkward person. I have friends with many different interests and personalities, but the characters Atlus has invented are so realistic that I care about their outcomes and confuse my time spent with them and time spent with real people. I feel that any video game that can establish that deep of a Social Link... err emotional connection deserves to be recognized. I do thoroughly enjoy the wackiness and extremely Japanese nature of Persona, but I also enjoy the feeling of friendship that these characters can effectively emulate.
             In a related note, has anyone else ever did something similar due to playing a game?