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God damn Immigrants! what I mean of course is, Verizon is a half decent choice for the package deal which will offer things like Fox for football and internet, I'd avoid Comcast, they seem to increase rates and charges on whims.

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Good, If I made a game called, stomp the jews, would this be okay? Of course not, it's not censorship it's called good-taste, and making a game called Bomb Gaza as Gaza gets bombed is tasteless.

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It means that the fireflies didn't have any humanity left in them, But Ellie and Joel's brother and his community did though and that's exactly where he was determined to take her, to live with people who could give her a chance to have a normal life and of course Joel was attached to her.

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maybe 0.5% of my playlists ever have a song from a video game in it, not because I don't like video game must, but simply because I don't ever bother myself finding out what track it was that I liked, there are a few exceptions, snake eater, hotline, ace combat, but generally few a far between.

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Long games that don't have NG+ bum me out, because sometimes after playing 20-40+ hours of a game, I want to play it again to do what I missed without having such the grind that caused me to miss out on stuff the first time around.

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It's a stunt to get a sales boost, it may work for few months, but they are barking up the wrong tree if they think feminists will continue to purchase into a media they don't care about long term.

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Event Horizon, It's got a 40k vibe to it I love, if it wasn't for that, it would be cheese.

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Still don't care about Dany or Bran's story.... feels so much of this episode was wasted with pointless dragging on by these two(for me atleast) I wanted more focus on Stannis and how he got to the wall so quickly, Jon and his interaction with Mance and Tyrion's events in jail, not more feet dragging about the dragons which we already know was going sideways and bran's quest for the holy grail(Although that dialog between him and the old man was funny mostly because of the disappointment in his expression like charlie loosing the golden ticket)

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Considering it's only Jeff Brad and Rorie with @drewbert manning all battlestations, I don't foresee a UPF working anymore atleast not until theres more staff, although I think it might be a good chance to restart Thursday Night Smackdown, just Jeff playing some SFIV for an hour.

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Great first post dox, agreed with many of your points, hope you stick around to keep these sorts of expressions aloud.

@dox516 said:

Hello to all,

This is my first post in this community. I claim to be no expert on anything. You have been warned.