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Event Horizon, It's got a 40k vibe to it I love, if it wasn't for that, it would be cheese.

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Still don't care about Dany or Bran's story.... feels so much of this episode was wasted with pointless dragging on by these two(for me atleast) I wanted more focus on Stannis and how he got to the wall so quickly, Jon and his interaction with Mance and Tyrion's events in jail, not more feet dragging about the dragons which we already know was going sideways and bran's quest for the holy grail(Although that dialog between him and the old man was funny mostly because of the disappointment in his expression like charlie loosing the golden ticket)

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Considering it's only Jeff Brad and Rorie with @drewbert manning all battlestations, I don't foresee a UPF working anymore atleast not until theres more staff, although I think it might be a good chance to restart Thursday Night Smackdown, just Jeff playing some SFIV for an hour.

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Great first post dox, agreed with many of your points, hope you stick around to keep these sorts of expressions aloud.

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Hello to all,

This is my first post in this community. I claim to be no expert on anything. You have been warned.

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A small minority which also happens to be very vocal want to handicap Ubisoft's ability to tell a story and make a profit so that they cater to them instead of the larger audience which happens to be the market that makes Ubisoft it's money.

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Minimum wage should reflect the cost of living, 15 dollars reflects the cost of living today, unless you live in a commune(which unfortunately alot of people namely immigrants live in), then you might be able to live with 1990's minimum wage.

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This season has been painful to watch any of the "Dany" scenes, they are simply boring and so irrelevant feeling, I know shes suppose to be this giant threat to westeros(savior when or if the white walkers invade), but for me with Jorah being kicked out I could now care less about anything that happens with her, hopefully Jorah gets back to westeros or at the very least hooks-up with some non boring characters like Arrya and the Hound, Martin built him up too much to simply be discarded atleast I hope so.

About Oberyn, it's a shame he was killed I haven't read any of the books but he seemed like a excellent character as for if the Mountain is dead or not(he should be with a 12" spear head thrusted into his chest twice) I don't think he is, clearly the Hound will be the one to put him down eventually.

Thoughts about the next couple episodes: Jamie helps Tyrion escape likely to the north(unlikely) or perhaps he'll flee to the other continent(I forget it's name), Jon Snow meets back up with Ygritte and somehow Mances 100,000 strong army will force the Nights Watch to flee, or will be convinced to help defend the wall, but honestly I have no idea how that's all going to play out.

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Easily one of the better moments of the PS4 ER

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Umm, okay? Even with Vinny over there, I have still have no interest in the content that Alex and Pat do, so, unless alot more people are being hired for the east and now the west(Come on Danny), I feel the stuff I'm interested in on this site has basically been reduced down to almost nothing.

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I like firefox too much to care what opinion the CEO has.