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As I was reading the first 95% of it, I just thought you were obsessive. Then I reached the Appendix where you discussed building a program to tally all the info and I was legitimately scared.

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@cornbredx: I do constantly. I wish I could report people before the match started, too; listening to 3 people demand to play mid and refuse to change roles gets eye-twitching, and I'd like to do more than just mash Force Quit.

(I could play solely via the Team Builder, but unless I'm support or jungle it takes a long time to form up. And that only takes care of the issues before the game.)

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I've occasionally tried grouping with friends, but (and this may be a problem unique to LoL's matchmaking) we seem to often get matched against premade groups that beat the tar out of our "casual" group. I used to find that annoying, but lately I've been debating whether I'd rather play solely with friends instead, losses be damned.

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@jayhala: The sooner you sub, the better; EVE tacks on the remainder of your trial time onto your subscription, so you can get up to 20 days of free subscription off it.

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@marokai: Eh, as long as you guys are warping in and helping kill PL supers ATM, we really don't care.

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Why do all these AAA companies insist on releasing a new sequel every year? Not even movies hold that tight of a schedule, and they're easier to make than games. Can't they just stick to a 2-year schedule?

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Not music, but hearing the Sonic ring-pickup sound effect in stores still makes me double-take.

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@gaspower: Nah, the good fights go on for an hour or two. If you really screw up, you get welped in a half-hour or less.

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@white: Basically, but then again everyone does that in Eve. "If you get into a fair fight, you screwed up."