There and back again, a Luchadeer's tale

So i tried to go exploring with my fellow guild member Gilandeon, we steeped over the boundary to an area we had never been to before. The rest went as follows.....
Gilandeon: Dude, Justinne gave the interior designer position you wanted to Lwlyll.
Mikemcn: WHAT!
*Level 48 Bat hits lv.15 Mikemcn for 800 damage*  
Gilandeon: Haha dude you totally just got taken down by that bat, where did you go? 
Mikemcn: I don't know, wher......Jesus, thats the biggest vulture i have ever seen....... 

So basically, the game, instead of sending me back into the safety of my normal noob land, sent me deeper into a place I should not have been, called the Weeping Coast. Chaos ensued, but instead of teleporting back to my normal respawn, i seized the opportunity and decided to see what there was to see. My mind proceeded to be blown.  i encountered Scorpions that were 4 times my size, Ghost pirates, monster eggs that can bite you and for some reason, random clouds of toxic gas.
This game is all about paying for all the cool stuff, i didnt think that there was anything in the game truly worth paying for, then I saw this.
 That is in fact a hoverboard, rode by a level 50 warrior named Hobbit.  I can only guess how much they payed for the stupid thing, but I was in awe. I am a very little fish in a very big pond.  At this point my fellow Luchadeer decided I was on LSD. Hobbit then messaged me to say "You must be hella lost." All powerful and all knowing, this dude was not to be messed with. 
So of course he broke out the rest of his collection.......
He had other stuff too, but I was a bit slow on taking screenshots and trying to convey how freaking weird my situation was to the guild. 
After all this I was left with many questions.......
How do I get a hoverboard?
Does it run on water? 
Why am I wasting my time in the lame part of this game?
Why the hell did Justinne give away my interior design job?
How could anyone be more qualified than me for that job? My Storage chest/bed combos are famous!

Im a much more excited for this game after this little foray, to those of you out there who were hesitant to get in on this Giant Bomb MMO adventure, i encourage you to do so. Its worth the time to at least try it. I can also now prove to the other GB'ers that I wasnt making the stuff about the flying surfboard up......... Now if you don't mind I have to go murder my guilds interior decorator.