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Its my dads favorite movie and it's message is all the more relevant today. Might make for a good present for him.

To anyone who hasn't seen it, you should totally check it out.

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This reminds me of the circuit bent episode where jeff just started beaming hot circuit bent joy into the mic.

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Oh Comeon... no media has ethics anymore. Its 2014 man! And coming up next here's us pointing a row of cameras at the funeral of this murdered man from missouri.

I would say from game writers, I want content that goes in depth with the games i've loved and more coverage of a wider array of games, not just the latest triple A or Indie platformer where you play as the ghost of a lighthouse keeper's dog. Go check out Euro Truck sim! Or Verdun, a WW1 shooter! Or King Arthur's Gold, a neat retro styled class based multiplayer game where you build a fort while trying to break down other forts! There are so many games out there, and coverage skews from the stupidly obscure to the wildly popular, but rarely lands in the middle. I don't care about industry drama. Period.

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Day 3, what? MADNESS!

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I like amazon, they let me drunk buy really dumb things and get them the next day (For free with prime no less)

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Looking forward to more Half life streamin later today!

More? OH BOY! How far did they get in the first one, i stopped watching at the start of blue shift, because... blue shift.

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The stream yesterday was absolutely fantastic. Jumping onto the GB chat wasn't even necessary when it became available. The twitch chat was surprisingly entirely civil for the majority of the thing.


They remained civil even though there was a lady on the stream, yay internet!

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Solid Snake is so important to Metal gear that he got in Super Smash Bros. He has to be the main characyer.

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The guy who made those videos is way too creepily excited about what he's talking about. Like he's trying to create an internet drama slash fic.

Giant Bomb mostly stands on the side of moderating against this stuff because its really seems to be an internet mob jumping on a creepy, personal-space violating bandwagon in the name of fixing journalism. Its silliness.