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Jeff did great! Awesome talk!

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I bought threes, threes is great. But what you're talking about isn't unlike people who rant at Call of Duty players for never having tried Quake or Medal of Honor. Iteration happens, and on IOS that iteration is all too easy. The three's maker should have been prepared for this. I don't know if "I don't even own a TV!" guy is the person who should tell us what's important either.

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Great article, i also use the birthday test for facebook friendship, i'm glad someone else does it haha

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Ooooooo NYU, nice! i wish i could go!

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Too much if the world looks at the US as little more than bullies and murderers. We need to stop getting in fights we don't need to and worry about whats going on at home.

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The original Rome is great, I'd say thats a good place to start and its cheap.

My personal favorite was Napoleon, but thats just because I love the time period. I'd choose that over Empire at least.

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King of Dragon Pass

Oh my god, this fucking game is amazing. I bought it in a GOG sale on a whim and must have put 20 hours into it. SO much fun!

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The mod was a ton of fun.

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If you think it's overpriced wait for the Steamsale. If that's the only thing keeping you from buying the game. I think it looks good and I have money.

When a game is cheap on steam sale or in a humble bundloe I always end up buying it, but i've done that so much that I need to stop myself before I buy games at full value haha

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At 15 bucks USD ($12 on sale on steam right now) I feel like Nidhogg is a really bad value. For a game that seems to be very simplistic by design, I don't see anyone getting 15 bucks worth of depth out of it. The draw seems to be local multiplayer a-la divekick, but beyond that, why would you get this?

Most of the appreciation for this game has been from it being something of an indie darling, i'd like to try it, but not at this price, anyone else agree? Or disagree?