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Brad always had the best radio voice after Ryan.

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Those look delicious! In theory, cake balls are the best thing ever, but they look like an absurd amount of work for a bite-size food.

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Kotor 1 is simply a more put together game. Its exactly what happened with Fallout 3 to New Vegas. Obsidian was able to stuff more content in, but the game that made you fall in love with bethesda fallout had already been made.

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That kim kardash article was hilarious... the author is a monster though, she got a good article out of it, but at what cost!!? (500 bucks + her soul?)

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What the hell is Gamespot

I think it's a shop that sells games.

No, its a review website, those jerks gave twilight princess an 8.8. Ridiculous!

Edit: I checked that review and people are still complaining about it as of this year. They're a bunch of crazy people. And now I feel nauseous...

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He got a golden doomling from a chest.

Which he refuses to sell (According to twitter) even though its rarity at the time was such that he would have gotten thousands, or at least hundreds for it. His love for that game is silly.

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its still a superior game compared to the reboot from 2012. pft, no free aim and only 1 base? get out of here with that shit.

You have free aim with area of effect weapons, whats the point of having them on anything else? And when you add in all the new enemy within content (Which you can get for 5-7 bucks easily on any one of a billion PC game sales online.), the multiplayer, the second wave mode and the potential to install the Long war Mod for even more fun, New Xcom is a fantastic successor to the original.

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Fuck putin. Those people had nothing to do with the conflict there.

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i always hated Tree Nuts, i avoided them like the plague and never wanted anything to do with them. As I got older I started trying new things however and one day I took a tree-nut Nature valley granola bar to my SAT-2s.

Turns out I hated tree nuts because I was deathly allergic to them, and my avoidance of them had kept me from discovering this until I was 18 and 3/4 of the way through a series of important college entrance exams (Which were thrown away because college board wouldn't accept tests i passed out halfway through...)

A less rational dislike would be my hatred of Asparagus, that stuff is nasty, its bitter and a chewy and bleh...