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Both games ran fine for me on a Radeon HD 4850 and first gen Core I7, this was years ago, whatever you have now should be better. (I'm replaying FO3 on a laptop now actually) People complain about bugs but forget that the PC version is vastly more stable and there are fan patches available.

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A gun ban would guarantee that the law abiding citizen who wants a gun can't have one and maybe keep them out of the hands of some criminals. I don't see that as a safer society, just a society that can pretend like the problem is solved while more people die, we need better regulation (Better mental health, actual background checks, safety education), not a restriction of freedoms.

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@pie: Oh it's a nightmare alright.

I played a ton on the something awful server and found them to be true to their name, but it was a great concept, I never succeeded in winning as the bad guy though.

I could be persuaded to rejoin though, it really sucked me in initially, the community just turned me off. The GB duders would be a much better playerbase.

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I like when jeff writes things! Keep writing things, or shoot a video of yourself talking to a jar of water, i mean to us.... whatever floats your boat.

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Anonymity lets too much stuff like this happen. Almost makes you want to force everyone to have an internet license.

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Maybe he's so deep he feels he has to hide it from those around him.

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Jeff's a badass, and i love his urge to bring chaos into this world through dan rykert and the 5 californias.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy – 4/5 – ...who would thought that a tree could express three words in such a variety of ways?

Who would of thought Vin Diesel could express three words in such a variety of ways?!

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I respect notch's urge for independence, but at some point, your block based game empire is worth far less than 2 billion in new money.