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I'm writing this on a Dell Laptop, the trackpad doesn't bother me, but apple trackpads do because they always have they thing where you have to click the mousepad to do like a right-click, which I find annoying, but to each their own.

I think you made the right choice though, if you just want to carry something around and have it work a macbook is a solid choice. My laptop has grown all sorts of weird little quirks as it ages, but friends who have older macbooks seem to have little trouble even after years. Thats what I think about with my iphone. I don't want android even if it is more open because I just need my phone to work, not do anything out of the ordinary, and IOS seems like the most consistent phone OS out there . But mac desktops have always seemed silly to me, especially since professionals often buy them.

An imac or one of those can shaped mac computers can be sleek and powerful. But unless you dualboot with windows you'll always lack the software/hardware options of a PC. And if you do dualboot the sleek/no hassle nature of the mac goes out the window. Why not buy a powerful PC for cheaper and get whatever you want on it? That way whatever happens in your job you can adapt and not be pinned to apple's more limited software catalog and the inability to upgrade each piece of hardware.

Like why are people who do photo/video editing stuff always using macs? Whats the advantage over a much cheaper but equally power PC with the same software?? I don't understand it, but then I don't do alot of digital arts stuff so it's not for me to know.

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Glad to be back playing Terraria, I'd love a chance to come see what other people are up to in it!

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I loved my time with minecraft, but all of that was before it was even released. Now it's just madness, there are minecraft kids clothing lines! What world is this.

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Videogames are 100% the last thing I should be doing before anything else, so probably that.

If I had the money though, i'd really like to travel! Its so darn expensive though.

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Ryan would have been psyched for the new Xcom! Wish he was still with the rest of the crew!! Even if this post isn't pinned, let's never forget him duders.

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Awesome!! I really enjoyed the first 1, even if I never got very far in it, i think i'm at a 3 star restaurant? The progression was super slow, that was after like 6 hours of play or something..

Hopefully it will include the 'Ryan Davis' burger still.

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Early OS adoption is for crazy people, why would you put the core of your computer to chance? I have alot of older games that I play occasionally whose play-ability goes right out the window if I even upgrade from 7 to 8, not to mention software. I don't even like updating my Iphone firmware unless I have to.

If you have a spare computer to fuck around with, fine, but I'm not upgrading the OS on my main PC until it dies. Maybe i'll buy a new gaming computer and try 10, but I doubt that I will.

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Paying for each album you buy invests your money and yourself in the artist/music that you buy. I think that helps alot.

And if you really like an artists stuff it behooves you to pay for their music and support them! It's expensive though =(

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@csl316: jeff and ryan are like pb&j, salt and pepper, pop and corn (why can i only think of food idioms?) it was just meant to be!

But Vinny is like ketchup, good on a million things but i wouldn't call jeff his french fry. Doesn't mean they can't go together sometimes though.

I should get something to eat... Point is, Ryan and jeff were the dynamic duo, there will never be any rivals i think.

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Jagged Alliance 2! with the 1.13 mod it's as good as new! SOooo much fun. But hard.