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Saints Row 3, I made my dude an native american australian, then I made him a russian chick, then a black chick, then a white dude, the possibilities were endless!

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Its just like a griindhouse videogame, BOOBS, BLOOD, GORE, CONTROVERSY, BUY IT

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My laptop lights on fire when I try to play it but I soooooooooo want to, have to get back home to my cooling pad. Anyways, having put 350 hours or so into the first 2 main games, this expansion is super exciting. I hear it's buggy, but mount and blade has always been janky and it should improve with time. Looking forward to being a crazy Irish Viking Pagan that murders christian missionaries when they try to convert people, also, you can raid monasteries, no other game lets you do that, I love the dark ages. Maybe as a catholic I shouldn't be so excited about this.

Mount and Blade is the best game ever made (After Kotor) Yes i'm a mad person.

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Another Xcom:Enemy Unknown expansion, not even a sequel, just more Xcom, PLease.

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Its a stupid system, it needs to die, seriously, its artificial demand created for an artificial supply, ain't nothing healthy about that for anyone. Valve is playing us, I like to think i'm rising above it by selling every item i get, but I feel like it's going to become endemic to the system before too long.

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Giant Bomb is alright, but its gamebomb.ru that provides the edgy content. They're like VICE just for videogames.

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I loved my time with Eve, but back then the GB community for it was just a chatroom of half a dozen people, it's awesome that there's a solid GB group in it now, makes me want to go back!

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For games available on console, Shadow of mordor, wolfstein, sunset overdrive and bayonetta seem like the four biggies, absolutely this was a year of disappointment. PC had so many great games but they mostly weren't of that size, lots of small stuff, which aren't easy to pick out of. The big pc games were pretty much all just excellent ports.

I think it's a problem of them not having enough time to see everything, and of what they did see, it was alot of weak stuff ala unity.

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I know episodes 1 and 2 were nonsense and awful, but goddamn I love Star wars and this looks great! GET HYPE!

In defense of the lightsaber, it looks really menacing.

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I subscribed to the giant bombcast through Overcasts' search, and that stream has Alt F1, the powerbombcast and the giant bombcast, ad-free I think. (Unfortunately i have no interest in the non-bombcast content, but oh well.)