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I loved my time with minecraft, but all of that was before it was even released. Now it's just madness, there are minecraft kids clothing lines! What world is this.

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Videogames are 100% the last thing I should be doing before anything else, so probably that.

If I had the money though, i'd really like to travel! Its so darn expensive though.

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Ryan would have been psyched for the new Xcom! Wish he was still with the rest of the crew!! Even if this post isn't pinned, let's never forget him duders.

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Awesome!! I really enjoyed the first 1, even if I never got very far in it, i think i'm at a 3 star restaurant? The progression was super slow, that was after like 6 hours of play or something..

Hopefully it will include the 'Ryan Davis' burger still.

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Early OS adoption is for crazy people, why would you put the core of your computer to chance? I have alot of older games that I play occasionally whose play-ability goes right out the window if I even upgrade from 7 to 8, not to mention software. I don't even like updating my Iphone firmware unless I have to.

If you have a spare computer to fuck around with, fine, but I'm not upgrading the OS on my main PC until it dies. Maybe i'll buy a new gaming computer and try 10, but I doubt that I will.

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Paying for each album you buy invests your money and yourself in the artist/music that you buy. I think that helps alot.

And if you really like an artists stuff it behooves you to pay for their music and support them! It's expensive though =(

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@csl316: jeff and ryan are like pb&j, salt and pepper, pop and corn (why can i only think of food idioms?) it was just meant to be!

But Vinny is like ketchup, good on a million things but i wouldn't call jeff his french fry. Doesn't mean they can't go together sometimes though.

I should get something to eat... Point is, Ryan and jeff were the dynamic duo, there will never be any rivals i think.

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Jagged Alliance 2! with the 1.13 mod it's as good as new! SOooo much fun. But hard.

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Sony just paid them a bunch of money to get exclusive pre-orders, it would suck if you owned an xbox and could preorder the game without getting anything in return, even if what you get is just a demo (Oh sorry, beta...)

The hitman people just want to see X # of preorders so they can pat themselves on the back, as long as they get a good number on PS4 alone they don't need the xbox preorder sales.

It's another example of how dumb pre-orders are. Stop paying for them.

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Like, I understand that it was kinda blurred, but they totally showed full penetration sex, right?

I know this is HBO, but that seemed a little much?

It's a channel that shows Softcore porn, man dicks, vaginas, and boatload of boobs every chance it gets, the jump to full-on porn is not a big one. And with it as blurred as it was it's hard to be shocked by it.