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I want to play the witcher at some point and wouldn't be able to watch for fear of spoilers, I watched that first witcher video of the early game and then skipped almost all the QL.

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If video games are ever going to progress as a medium we need to get past this shit. I understand this game lives on its exploitation and the fact that it's 'edgy' but the sort of evangelist reaction that has come from virtually every major online outlet is really disappointing. It sets a precident that I don't like. Do I care about hatred? No. But ultimately it should have the right to exist. Retailers withhold the right to choose what they offer for sale, but avoiding these problems won't really help much in the long run. What happens when something else comes out and it wants to say something conteriversal? Is it going to get banned too? Fuck that.

That argument would only make sense if they outright banned Hatred everywhere. If you could only get it from some black market site that google doesn't even know about because the government banned it, that would be wrong, and outright censorship.

But that's not happening, the Hatred people could sell the game on their own if they wanted to, there are avenues for it. They could even put it out as a torrent and just make it shareware. SO when one company refuses to involve itself in a game that's fine, if every private company refuses to get involved with it, that's fine because the devs can get it to people themselves. But if the government prosecuted people who played the game and those who made it, that would be censorship and bad. The crime isn't in not wanting to get involved with it, the crime is not letting anyone, anywhere get the game even if they want to. This is not happening.

It would be worse to say to stores, you have to sell this whether you want to or not. What if the product does terribly, or takes up space, or invites negative attention from media that hurts the rest of their business? It could really start to hurt a business if every controversial product ever made had to be sold in every store for the sake of freedom of expression.

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Ryan was the perfect glue that held the podcast together... it's still awesome but he brought it to an all new level. No one hosts like RD.

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I've only heard brad sing in the context of rockband, this was excellent.

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I think i'm going to use like half my summer income to buy a fancy PC that can run The Witcher, it looks amazing and I love the world!

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I'm playing the first game, and he certainly has his witty comebacks and seems very intelligent. But he comes off as flat because he is monotone which may be the voice actors fault.

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I think mine was Auto-renew from the start, I used credit card though and not paypal so maybe that's why. They should definitely give people a heads up though if it changed.

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Hololens is the new Kinect, neat conceptually, but technically troubled and inevitably forgotten.

technically troubled? I haven't ready any news about this, what exactly is going wrong with it?

I shouldn't say that, I haven't heard anything particular bad about it, but keep in mind that for all the promises that are made with these things, they never come close to delivering. The dream is always beyond the tech we have at hand, remember when they showed the kinect scanning in household objects into your games? Or when microsoft thought that voice control would be the greatest thing to happen on the Xbone? The technical hurdles were too great to achieve those things either at all, or in a user friendly manner. We get stuck with overpriced novelty tech that doesn't do what you want, when you want. I just wonder why we should have faith that microsoft can pull off holographic displays after something like the kinect. I hope it does well for caseys' sake!

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I think since he was already a writer, he didn't make that much of a change. He just switched from procedural writing (Of reviews/features) to more creative writing. While writing a game review might not be the most creatively challenging, it demands a strong understanding of structure and grammar. When you add in that he spent hundreds of hours each year interacting with games it's a no brainer that he had the chops to compose stories for a game. Reminds me that I still need to play Transistor!

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The only thing that sort of disappoints me is the graphics downgrade and the PC version's ultra settings looking pretty much the same at the console versions. I know a lot of people are going to get pissed at me just by say this, but rest assured it isn't going to stop me from enjoying the shit out of it, washed out lighting and textures be damned.

This is why PC "elitists" always get pissy about consoles. They hold shit back constantly. Let's just get rid of consoles and go all in on PC so everything can look amazing instead of still holding back for fucking PS3/360's and whatnot.

Yeah, fuck video games being available to people who aren't hardcore PC gamers with beefy rigs. There are marginally better blades of grass at stake here.

I like how you got totally salty about that. Don't you want games to be the best they can be and not be held back anymore? I know I do.

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@kishinfoulux: no one will ever do that as there are too many variables in pcs. Even with steam boxes for $400-600 there's no guarantee they'll be able to run every game in a satisfactory manner like consoles can. Most people still want something they can buy, plug in, jam a game in and go.

Never said it was gonna happen. Just would be ideal. I'm tired of seeing these graphical downgrades or big ideas get downscaled for last gen.

I don't see a PC only future as ideal at all. I'm currently thinking of buying a 1000 dollar pc, primarily to run this game and whatever comes out in the near future. That's an absurd expense, no one should spend that much to play a few games. A smaller gaming community made up of us PC lunatics is not good for anyone. Fewer games, fewer people who play them, huge barriers to entry... that sounds shitty.