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Having just gotten into parks and rec, Chris Pratt in a non-funny role is SUCH A BAD IDEA HOLY GOD JESUS MARYY JOSEPH, ARGHHHHHHHHHH. Maybe it will be good, but what a waste of an amazing comedic talent.

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Dan's dad looks super young, I'm impressed he played along.

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FUCK NO, I HATE NEEDLES... and i'm faint just thinking about it... i need a lie down

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Welcome to the internet? The internet would one star any app that they thought had a girl involved, so how is this surprising. This is why we always need to keep in mind how bandwagon-y user reviews are.

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People forget that Just Cause 2 was fucking awesome and had a huge beautiful world, so glad about this!

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I miss big expansions =(

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I need it, and a PS4, or a fancier PC.

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So PC world had an article about this. And it's pretty awesome, a bunch of people have taken the time to emulate old consoles, including the genesis in a browser based format. As someone who doesn't bother with emulation, being able to play these in chrome is pretty cool. The games are a bit janky, and often the sound is messed up, but it's a start!

Finally I can try out Clay fighter, Dan seemed to really like it (OK no, but i'm curious). Most recently there's an arcade version, here.

I hadn't heard about this before so I thought I'd share.

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I'm not going to sit here and pretend like a tour bus with a 3 minigun broadside isn't a wonderful thing, god damn these movies are a delight.

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Both games ran fine for me on a Radeon HD 4850 and first gen Core I7, this was years ago, whatever you have now should be better. (I'm replaying FO3 on a laptop now actually) People complain about bugs but forget that the PC version is vastly more stable and there are fan patches available.