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John Connors dad looks like Billy Eichner.

And what the fuck is this movie, I don't find the terminator movies to have ever been great, they were always there, and culturally important, but not mind blowing. I don't see why they need to stretch the franchise so thin.

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Appendicitis is no fun, but the surgery is routine so he should be fine! Wishing him luck though.

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Kojima should go do some other things, he's a great talent and shouldn't be tied to MGS forever.

He should go join UBI and make a good AC game with Kojima nonsense.

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If they can't microtransact it like DOTA they aren't interested in it anymore. They want obsessive audiences they can bleed dry over years, not fans who will play the game once and really like it.

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I always assumed metal gear was a playstation franchise, obviously it hasn't been in a long time, but i think sony would be smart to tie up that franchise for themselves. Besides metal gear why does konami even exist?

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I think Kendrick is awesome, I have high hopes for this album.

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Put your oil/coal, whatever, powerplant near a highway or other neighbor connection. Losing the main power supply for your city is no fun because traffic is bad and the trucks can't reach it.

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They never throw right, a grenade throws like a baseball in games, but molotovs always have a weird arch to them, that's why I don't like them.

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When you play the journalist dude and he goes all non-lethal, it's amazing, he just grabs guns to unload them and toss them aside, so badass. And you can totally kill people if you want to, thats been my highlight so far actually.

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There's a level (In hotline Miami) that you can play-through without killing anyone (in hotline miami!?), that's fucking awesome, you can be batman, or you can go all axe-murdery and you throw off your jacket. (ITS HOTLINE MIAMI) That's amazing.

The gameplay is different but I'm excited for all the new characters, they really play differently, the masks were neat but they never really changed things too much.