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If not for Maxis games I wouldn't be on this site. They were largely what got me into videogames. Sim Copter, tower, the various city games and don't forget Ant! I'm currently playing Sim City 4 and it's a delight!

This is a tragedy, I know the Maxis of the last few years wasn't the same Maxis that made all those hits, but it will always represent some of the best games ever.

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I want to see Competitive multiplayer in this, it would be like the videogame version of Ninja.

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This whole thing was hilarious, but what sold it for me was James fucking VanDerBeek as the traitorous Red Ranger. I mean let's be real, that is fucking perfection (plus he has a co-author credit on it, which, come on, that totally rules). Can you imagine VanDerBeek scribbling down script ideas for his gritty Power Rangers reboot in a spiral notebook while filming Dawson's Creek? Because I can, and that's hilarious.

You should watch the sitcom he's in, on ABC, where he plays himself trying to reboot his career after dawson's creek. Dude knows how to sell himself.

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Just an honorable mention: I really loved the Graal Spike Thrower from Mass Effect 3.

That was an awesome weapon! I just loved the size of the pellets it fired.

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The mostest economics.

I've put 100 hours into that game, it was the mostest economics, and also terrifying. Too much economics.

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@onlykris said:

Dwarf Fortress is another game with a fun management aspect, especially when you hit a population of 200+ dwarves.

Love that game, its definitely a good management game.

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@456nto said:

Victoria 2 has an economic model that I've never seen before in a game. It's hard to even sum up in a paragraph. Basically you're dealing with industrialisation in the 19th century, where different populations are represented (for example, clergy, soldiers or farmers) which all have demands that need to be supplied. You refine raw materials into useful commodities using factories and these commodities can be used by your population. So for example, your middle class needs furniture, which is made through supplying lumber to a furniture factory. You also have to handle taxes, which will also impact how your population will change - if you lower taxes for the upper class, your capitalists will have more funds to build factories by their own accord without you having to build them yourself. All of this actually relies on a trade policy set through the political party in your country (a reactionary party might have a state capitalism stance whereas a liberal party can only use free trade). It's a bizarrely in-depth and complicated system. Not to mention all of these populations have their own religious beliefs, political beliefs, literacy, etc - which can also pretty deliberately impact your economy. The economic mechanics in the game seem like they were made to be incredibly ambitious and they actually work for the most part.

I have Victoria 2 but i've never gotten into it! I knew it had some economic stuff but I had no idea it was so in depth, maybe i'll spend more time with that! Thanks!

As @456nto mentioned, Victoria II is probably your best bet, but it can be extraordinarily difficult to get into. Europa Universalis IV also has some pretty complex economic systems, but with an overall much gentler learning curve (by Paradox standards, at least).

Have played alot of EUIV but I kind of don't put much attention into the trade stuff, the whole flow system is foreign to me, but i'm kind of figuring it out.

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Does anyone have recommendations for some games with good economic mechanics? After watching that Offworld Trading Co. QL i'm reminded how much I enjoy that stuff in games. I enjoy any sort of economic management whether it's budget, resource or trade that I have to deal with.

Some games i've enjoyed include the Anno Series, Rollercoaster Tycoon (Really any game with tycoon in the name is great), all the sim cities, tropico, banished among others...

Anyone have any other games that I could try?

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No, Fallout 3 was undeniably a good game, even if you (Wrongly) prefer New Vegas it would be a shame to not give multiple teams a shot at making it good.