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Iron Maiden.

Always will be.
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Fear Of The Dark by Iron Maiden


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DeadMonkeys said:
"Black_Raven said:
"I didn't find it funny, I cant believe that's considered good music...."
It isn't "good music" per se... it's parody.You gotta know the source material for it to be funny."
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He obviously did it for the lulz.

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Manhunt should be on here.

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Why_So_Serious said:
" Ok so people are really really stupid you know. Everyone blames Bush for our defecit. Now I ask one thing from the trolls that can't listen for one second, listen to me before you post a random comment. I'm not saying Obama is wrong but Bush never had a chance. Is it his fault that we had one of the biggest tragedies during his office in US History? He never had a chance to do what he wanted. He was to busy trying to clean up the mess the terrorists caused us. The reason he spent that money was to rebuild from the loss. And YES we needed to be at war. We are a nation that can't be pushed aside. We were founded on good principles from some of the greatest men ever. 
Our founding fathers are rolling over in the graves because of judgemental people who blame others for things that AREN'T their fault. I would also like to point out in the 60 days Obama has been in office he has trippled(sp?) the amount of defecit we are in. Bush exited with $3.3 trillion of defecit and with all the bills Obama has passed in 60 days he has caused up to $9.9 trillion in defecit. How do you think the rest of his 4 years will be? So don't give me shit that this isn't true cause its been proved. NO I DON'T have a link. It was on the news not some internet article. So before you blame someone get your damn facts straight. Once again this is not a shot at Obama just I'm tired of people getting blamed for stuff they had no control over. In politics, school, real life, etc. It's not fair to them.
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  • Clock
  • Clock on my cable box
  • Standby light on my TV
  • Standby light on my stereo
  • Xbox 360 power brick
  • Wii standby light

But I work overnight and sleep during the day so I've gotten used to light while I sleep.
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As long as they improve the grass, I think everyone will be happy.