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$72 million

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@wickedfather: Thanks for this. Took the third and fourth of Group 2 (RF-2HS7I-72Y7Q-HG and RF-RF-FDH6Z-7SRUS-7E).

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I feel your pain. About 2 weeks ago my 360 purchased around the end of summer in 2007 went down to an E 74 error. I've since taken it apart, applied new thermal paste and currently have it working outside its shell with the fan turned around resting and blowing on the GPU and CPU heat sinks (otherwise the GPU heat sink gets ridiculously hot and the E 74 problem returns) and the DVD drive hooked up but lying on a short stack of books outside of the internal casing where the motherboard lies (so that it doesn't cover up the GPU heat sink that keeps getting super hot). The whole configuration looks absolutely ridiculous and it's nice and loud obviously, but for now it's working again. That's more than I thought it would be doing at this point at least. However, I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before the thing will stay out for the count; hopefully it'll last me a couple more months.

Best of luck to you in your future endeavor with your PS3.

Oh, and am I wrong in thinking the PS3 came out in November of 2006? So if it was on sale in the summer, I would think that you've probably owned it since 2007 at the earliest.

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This was coinicidentally the only topic on the front page when I loaded up Giant Bomb a minute ago, so it's definitely not fixed. I assume the "every now and then it loads correctly, but most of the time it doesn't" Zeik mentioned is what you're currently experiencing.

Using Firefox btw.

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@hailinel: I could have sworn Naomi mentioned something to snake specifically regarding foxdie and his aging in chapter 2 when he meets her for the first time in South America.

Was it because of his accelerated aging that foxdie was mutating, maybe? Or maybe it just naturally did so over time... Not sure; it's been 4-5 years since the last time I played through the game. But halinel is definitely right about the aging thing being due to the cloning process.

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@mikerd: The phrase "two separate games" is meaningless without context. That's why this thread exists in the first place. It could be taken at face-value to mean that they are in fact, going to be sold separately for $60 each. It could also mean that they are simply being developed separately but will eventually combine on a single disc to make the whole MGSV game. You can't contradict anything when you have zero information, which is exactly what not confirming something gives you.

Will your game be coming out on next generation consoles?


Will your game be coming out on PS4 or the yet-to-be-named Durango?

I can't confirm that at this time


I'll substitute what actually happened in place of your obviously faulty analogy and absurd conclusion:

Will The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes be two separate games?


Will The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes be two separate games?

I can't confirm this at this time.

Hopefully, I don't need to point out how the second bolded statement directly contradicts the first.

Now, seeing and being reminded of the incessant need of people who post on video game forums to "one-up," often through use of fallacious arguments and snide remarks, anyone who was simply trying to have a civil discussion and offered a contrary take, I'll just see myself out of this thread to avoid hating myself even more for making the albeit rare decision to post.

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@starvinggamer said:

Boor's follow-up statement makes absolutely nothing clear. The company he works for could easily have decided, as part of the marketing plan, to describe Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain as two separate games but not give any specifics as to whether that would actually mean distinct releases.

Er, it makes it very clear in the context of the dude just said they're two separate games when quoted earlier in the article (“'Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain are two separate games,' Boor clarified to Siliconera via e-mail.") and is now in an update to that very same article saying he can't confirm whether they're part of the same package or not. If you're suggesting that it's part of their marketing plan to directly contradict themselves within the same day in separate statements, I can only say that seems to be a truly bizarre decision on their part. Bizarre enough to make me believe that there's no way that they'd intentionally be doing so.

Also, to speak to your Lord of the Rings analogy, that name refers to a trilogy of books, so while it could apply here, it would seem rather awkward to refer to the fifth game of the Metal Gear Solid series as its own sub-series of games.

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That means absolutely nothing.

The Tanker and Big Shell combine to make Metal Gear Solid 2

Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm, and Legacy of the void combine to make Starcraft 2

That latter example isn't really true. Starcraft 2 was never sold as Wings of Liberty and its expansions. You don't have to pay $140 or whatever the total cost will come out to in order to claim you played the full game. They don't combine to make Starcraft 2. You bought Starcraft 2 in 2010 or whenever it was out, and there are then expansions released after the fact. They don't all combine to make one game.

Also, they added this to their posting that makes it rather clear that the Konami PR dude just had little to no idea what's going on:"Update 2: We got in touch with Boor again, this time asking if the two games will be part of the same package or on the same disc. He replied: “Can’t confirm at this time."

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@AjayRaz said:

although cutting up the walkway at the beginning of the demo with no alternate route to reach the objective was real lame since i was forced to restart.

If you use Ninja Run (holding RT on 360 - maybe R1 on PS3? Not sure.), Raiden climbs the wall where the walkway led to, so there's no need to restart. Also the checkpoints seemed pretty well placed and require only a fairly short reload which I thought was nice.
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@Giantstalker said:

@Demoskinos said:

I think the controls are generally just fucking awful

Good to know it's still a Metal Gear game, sounds like Platinum really nailed the Kojima experience with this one.

Downloading now

I don't remember there being anything weird with the controls in MGS4 and I'd presume Peacewalker was the same way.  Reading this comment after having just played the demo makes it more puzzling. Of course it would be more helpful if there was some explanation as to what the problem was with them instead of a derisive blanket statement.
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