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Can anybody re up a clean version of this?

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This is like when Blizzard joined Activision and became total garbage. Oh wait what's that? Blizzard is still making fucking awesome games? Oh, nevermind then...

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Keep fuckin that chicken guys.

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@bricewgilbert said:

Some of you people are fucking insane. You love Giantbomb and the people behind it for years and then they become owned by a company that owns a site you don't like and you proclaim shit like "Now I'm forced to abandon GiantBomb, a site I love, or support gamespot/CBS." Do you hear yourselves? Cry me a fucking river.


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Hey Dave, I have a question.

What will happen to all the API stuff?


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I played for about 60 hours and gave up, cancelled my account. I guess I'm done with the WoW style of MMO, I was hoping to re-capture the magic of when I first started playing WoW but apparently you can't get the same high again.

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@erik_wolff: My hero! Thanks a bunch!

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Been trying to cut the audio out of videos on here and youtube but cant get anything clean. I really hope someone with the pc version can get some clean ones for us, I'd be super grateful!

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Hey guys, I got the 360 version so I can't dig around and find these sound effects anywhere. I was wondering if any kind souls out there could provide me with these. I can't think of a better notification sound for my phone :)

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It's hard not to have faith that the next Kirby is going to be anything less than great with the track record that they've had thus far.

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