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People going apeshit over what idiots say on twitter. What a shocking development.

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"Remember when you gave us a shitload of money? Well we planned poorly and now we need more money! It's still cool if we just give you the first half of the game right? We'll figure out the second half later..."

Fuck that.

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Fuck you, Konami.

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They're not covering tech, they're covering "science" and "art" and whatever other stuff "Jamie and Adam are interested in". The new articles are all crap, just small write-ups with a link to an actual article that I could have found on Google News' science section; and there's just a fucking blog post about Adam's* unraveled baseball in a jar that he sold to some cartoonist. Oh yeah, there's also random YouTube videos!

God damn it.

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People are actually buying this shit? If you just take a step back and examine the situation, its so obvious what the plan for the new Tested is. They've already carried out most of the work.

1. Buy a site with a relatively catchy domain name and decently big userbase, plus the publishing platform and engineering crew

2. Redesign the site and slap recognizable faces on it

3. ???


It seems Will and Norm are so starstruck at the chance of working "with" the Mythbusters guys, but they are going to end up working "for" the Mythbusters guys, in the background, producing filler content for a site that used to be theirs. And now that Adam and Jamie are the main draw, in the long run, why do they need Will and Norm? Who gives a fuck about them other than the people that already went to Tested, when their explicit goal is to attract new people. The writing is already on the fucking wall, they didn't even get a presence on the front page of the redesign at first, and they get a fleeting mention at the end of the welcome video of "oh yeah, here's some other dudes that made this site, I guess".

Ultimately, they probably bought Tested just to use as a place for the promotion of Jamie and Adam's new shit like this "Unchained Reaction" mini-series, which is how they are working with BermanBraun, and to promote whatever tours or other new stuff they do.

Whatever. I guess I'm just sad and afraid that one of my favorite sites seems like its changing for the worse, and two guys I've come to think are pretty cool are getting pushed aside for two "famous" people that I don't give a shit about. I'll still check it out for whatever antics Will and Norm are allowed to get up to, however long that lasts.

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@TenFootMonster: Giant Bomb got the good end of this deal, Comic Vine as well I guess. They have been so transparent about what they intend to do with these sites in the short term, and of course nobody except executives at CBSi know what their long term plans for the situation of having two competing video games sites are, and we can all see that it is a very precarious situation, but look at the 3 other sites that were bought. I haven't seen a peep from BermanBraun about what they're going to do with AnimeVice or Screened, which is code for they are getting shut down, and if you just load up Tested you can see how fucked up of a deal Will and Norm got. Just ride out this wave and see where its going, I think GB will be just fine.

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HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh man... this is so dumb. Amazing.

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I was so excited this morning for Nintendo to show me something really awesome, but this thing is decidedly not awesome. All of the stuff in this video is just gimmicky bullshit that has no practical use, and will never get used more than once, if ever at all. Like, people are getting excited about putting your controller on the floor and having a golf ball on it? Give me a fucking break. Transfarring the screen to the controller while your dick friend wants to watch baseball, Why the fuck would anyone do that? Plus, why would I buy this to play games that look the same as and are ports of games that are already on my 360 and PS3? Nintendo's first party games aren't enough to warrant buying this thing. I don't even want to think about how much the controller alone costs, plus the console itself. Ugh. Fuck video games.

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PowerGig 2! Yeah!