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Oddly enough - I found myself in the extact same boat of putting this game down for months and months and then restarted it recently, with it in mind of finishing the game.

Overall I felt a little disappointed with the game. I think the biggest issue for me was the length of it. I was just left wanting a hell of a lot more then we actually got. I believe the main story doesn't even amount to 30% of the game's progress bar which is terrible in my opinion. I know the idea was suposed to be 'it's all in one night' but have that night as maybe an Act 1 and then lead into more mayhem perhaps running up till New Years in terms of the story.

The other issue I felt was that Joker is the most over used villian in the Arkham games - and sure, Troy Baker does a hell of a job with the role, but it just felt like every other villian only really got 5 minutes of fame, when they could really carry the story on their own shoulders instead of having to rely on old faithful Mr J. Don't get me wrong - I like him as a character, but we've seen an incredible amount of him over the three main games of the franchise. Going back to my 3 act story - have Joker as Act 1, and then maybe two more (Riddle is woefully under used in the franchise as the guy that just leaves stuff dotted around to be collected).

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Having been a fan of the infamous series since the first one - I found the combat to be pretty similar in all entries of the game. I didn't have any trouble busting heads from the get go on Infamous Second Son. I know Delsin is a little fragil at first, once you level up a little and you get some more offensive moves, it gets easier. Honest advice would be to clear a few zones and collect some shards so that you can level up your powers a bit. When in combat, its all about stick and move. If you start taking some shots, use the smoke dash to create some distance and find some cover. If all else fails, dash into a vent and head to a rooftop to catch your breath. One upgrade even gives you some health back when going through vents. The L1 attack is a good bet early on as it renders those caught in it coughing and easy prey for a take down.

Trust me duder - it gets easier and feels more natural the more you play and the more you add to your arsenral.

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Fantastic stuff in this episode. I just hope we don't have to wait as long as we did for 2 when it comes to episode 3! Spoilers below - obvioulsy.

Really solid in terms of story, pacing, voice actting, presentation - its all top notch. I played Bigby pretty chilled for the most part, especially when it came to dealing with TJ (adorable little scamp). I liked how (atleast to me) Bigby can be played so clearly intimidating to the other characters. The whole Georgie scene was fantastic. I didn't throw a single punch or break anything and still got everything I wanted out of him. The more you pushed him - the more you could tell he fold in the end.

I did have an 'Oh God!' moment when Beast found Bigby and Beauty at the hotel.

All in all - great stuff...now sadly I'm left just wanting more.

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Wappy Dog.

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Just three pictures of the general looks I have for Franklin, Michael and Trevor. I really find personally that Trevor really suits being a skinhead with a beard over his original haircut.

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I ran all three triathlon's as Michael. He's mellowed out as I've carried on progressing through the game. At first he was smoking it up and downing whiskey, but now it's all health shakes and yoga along with growing out his hair and beard :P

That triathlon though really is a killer on the hand. I did have to pause and take a couple of breaks but finished with a time of around 27 minutes and that was with a bike crash which forced me back to 6th place. Was quite close up until the run where thankfully I stayed ahead right till the finish. They are fun to do though for those of you who have yet to partake - just make sure you have half hour to spare.

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I'm a maybe. I'd certainly wait till its cheaper before purchasing. I enjoyed Heavy Rain enough, but overall it was an average experience. I don't rate David Cage. He creates incredible linear experiences which just scream out that he'd much rather be a film director than a game designer. I would of loved it if Heavy Rain adapted based on choices throughout the game and presented different outcomes, but overall it fell short of the mark.

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RIP Ryan, sad to see such a vibrant and passionate individual taken so young. Like many hear, this is very hard to comprehend. My thoughts go out to Ryan's family and the GB crew and community. Thank you Ryan, for bringing such incredible contributions to the gaming community - you will be missed greatly.

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Overall I'm really digging this game so far (The AI seems a bit dumb at times though which sucks). Did just lose 2 hours of progress to this bug however which isn't great.

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Having written a review for DMC for the xbox 360, everytime I press 'create user review', I am just taken back to the top of the same page and the 'reviewed item' and 'please search for a wiki object to review' are empty (where before submiting they were filled in correctly)

I have since posted my review via the method of going to the games page and review from there. Editing after the fact, however presents the same issue as above.