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I'm waiting until next year to get my new card. I've had mine for a year and it still works fine.

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@zevvion: I didn't get a Legendary until 23 but I still leveled up consistently. Remember to level up your armor with scraps freom your junk armor. Every defensive increase gives you more light. Also, if you can get to 22 we can do the Queen's Wrath and you'll get guaranteed legendary.

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I am only level 20, so the raid is still a ways off for me. But I am searching for people to play Strikes with, as well as the daily and weekly. I also want to do raids as soon as my level allows me to.

I'm in EU/PS4. Feel free to add me and in a week or so I'll probably be able to do raids. Anyone else who reads this, feel free to add me as well if you want to do strikes, daily, weekly and raids. Be sure to mention GiantBomb though.

PSN is Zevvion.

I can do strikes with you if you want. I'm about ready for the Raid. cybershinigami87 level 26 Warlock.

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I have 2 legendary shotguns, 1 legendary sniper rifle, a legendary chest armor and legendary gauntlets. Also I got a legendary boot drop for a hunter even though I'm a Warlock.

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From the little you've talked about your dad on the podcast he's sounded like a really cool dude. I'm sorry for your loss. Keep up your spirits.

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My PS4 controller has been used quite a bit since I got it. (PC and PS4). The sticks are still in good condition.

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Adventure mode

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Sounds fun.

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So I was wondering how many of you played the game like I did and over leveled for the story content. Currently I'm level 20 with my first piece of Light infused armor but I haven't even been on Mars yet. In fact I've only done one story mission on Venus.