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I think if you gave Bungie some truth serum they'll admit that they put in PVP to appease fans, not because they wanted to. It's not very good and weirdly enough it made me want to play Titanfall.

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I wish I could sell my card to someone/somewhere and use the money to buy a 780. It's hard to justify just spending $500 on my PC when it isn't even a year old.

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How about this, we let the game come out and judge what that means for ourselves. Take the moon for example. I, like many, just played the mission and stopped playing thinking "meh." It was short and the mission wasn't that interesting. Lo and behold a bunch of other people strayed off the beaten path and found out the moon had a lot to offer in terms of scope and there were doors that looked like they will be open but were closed. Old Russia offered the same. There were a litany of caves to explore and areas that were sealed off plus 2-3 locations, (can't remember), that had unkillable enemies blocking the path. Obviously exploration is going to be a part of this game so maybe lets just see how much there is before we make judgement calls on a game that's not even out.

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The gravity should have changed on the moon.

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Whether she is 17 or 18 just ask her out. At worst you're that creepy dude until she graduates high school plus I've known a lot of high school girls who've dated college guys no problem. You're not the first and won't be the last. Just ask the girl out though and be done with it.

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That money you're spending on a 4 TB HDD should be put toward a bigger SSD. You're right at the cusp of being able to buy a 1 TB SSD so do that. The new Crucial drives are supposed to be cheaper and better than the EVOs so go with that.

That monitor is not going to be able to take advantage of your 780. Your frame rate will be high but your monitor will only display the game at 1080p60fps. Unless you're getting a 2k monitor or a high refresh rate one you might as well just get a 770.

You get the Corsair 500R for not that much more money so go with that.

Get a better MOBO and get a better CPU. If you live near a Microcenter, like I do, then you're getting top of the line CPUs for not that much money relatively speaking.

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I got a perfect score but I think the score can be affected by the accuracy of your monitor. I had to switch mine to game mode so I could see all the colors properly.

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It's like comparing Start Trek and Star wars. They both take place in space but they're both going for completely different things.

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Dinklage sounds a lot better. The put a bit of a filter on it and interspersed some of the dialogue with robot sounds.

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OK, that's actually pretty big news.