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WW2 games have Nazi flags in them so how come a Civil War game cannot have the Confederate Flag? It's historically accurate to the time.

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As I watched the interview, the whole thing, it seems that this is being taking horribly out of context. The conversation began about the early access and then Jeff bought up the point about a lot of games being shipped broken. He was not singling out Microsoft or MCC. If Sony had announced something similar at their press conference and then showed up to the interview he would probably bring up the same thing and mention Drive Club.

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According to this article, games which were previously exclusive to the Xbox One like Forza Motorsport and Halo 5: Guardians will actually be released on PC. And I don't mean the streaming thing either, I mean actual PC games.

Could this be true? Is MS already looking beyond the Xone? Does PC availability not impact console sales? Is it all about Windows 10?

No, availability on PC usually doesn't impact console sales. In the grand scheme of things most people do not own a PC capable of playing AAA games. That's why most games sell a lot better on console than they do PC. There are exceptions obviously. PC usually just help the bottom line.

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I bought a new car a few years ago and I will buy new again. If you intend to trade in your car after a year or two I can understand the depreciation argument but if you plan on having it for more than 6 years why care?

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No. Keep your PS4.

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I voted PC, (already pre-ordered), but the PS4 version will be the platform with the biggest audience. My how fast things change.

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In Skyrim the best stuff was what you made yourself so I crafted all the time.

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That was the year that AC2 and Uncharted 2 came out if I remember correctly. Considering how awesome those other two games were it's a real accomplishment that it managed to garner some end of year awards. (Uncharted 2 though won the lions share). Most of your criticisms have merit, (especially for the boss fights which we all thought were bad at the time), but the game was sooo great in other areas that most of the flaws could be easily glossed over. The stealth sequences were a revelation and the combat, especially fully unlocked, was fucking awesome. The scarecrow sequences. Man, the way they just popped up out of know where. Just wow. I platinumed that game and it's still on of my more fondly remembered gaming experiences.

To be honest I think your biggest problem is that you played it now instead of when it came out. You also said that you played a few games that were clearly inspired by AA so your feelings on the combat are not going to be at the same level of excitement that many of us had when we played that style for the first time. Refinement happens and obviously iterated versions of that combat are going to be better than the originals. All that being said I'm glad you enjoyed it a little. It may not have lived up to the legend that was birthed from that game but you still found it good.

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I'm in the same boat you are but I've had much better luck it seems. First, make sure you get all the basic cards for your hero. That way you at least have a clear way of beating an opponent even if that way depends a little on luck.Second, focus on getting good with 1-2 heroes. I'm not saying that getting good with all of them is not a good idea but jumping back and forth is not going to help you. After that, keep playing and learn why you lost. I don't have a winning record by any means but I know I lose because sometimes I focus too much on spells and not bringing out my minions. I tend to win more games with my mage than my priest but I really want to get good with those two before I move on to my Shaman.

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The PS2 and the Snes are the two best consoles ever made. Take your pick between the two.