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I bought a PS4 at launch because I'm stupid. Since then it's pretty much gathered dust. I don't regret it. The games will come but you don't need to buy one now if you don't feel compelled. Also I have a PC so I'm not really bothered by the lack of compelling games.

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I've never wanted something to be an extremely horrible and insensitive joke than that. I really thought it was a joke. It made no sense. Hell, I remember the freedom stream from last year when he was out of the office but in the chat. I remember him saying that the freedom stream was free because it was the day before 4th of July.

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Coming from a person who likes to study languages the English language is one of the more difficult languages to gauge. Words change meanings so relatively often that it's essentially a language without rules.

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The last screen saver I used was the maze one on my Windows 95 PC. After that it was just go to sleep.

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I still don't get how Samantha is justified in telling someone to go **** themselves when all they said was "what if he was the most qualified person available for the position?" That's a pretty legitimate point there. Maybe they are the most qualified, how would Samantha know when A) She's not a part of Giant Bomb, and 2) She's not the one hiring?

For context Samantha's outrage is in defense of Maddy Myers who did apply for the job and who in terms of writing credentials is as qualified as Dan if not more so.

Hopefully this doesn't sound aggressive, but even though the position does say "editorial," how much written work do you really see coming from the editors? I don't know who Maddy Myers is, but I would assume that the experience in front of a camera and making long form video was at least, if not more, valuable than any writing credentials.

I was just about to make that point. Jeff has said repeatedly that video is more important to him than written articles. It's what drives traffic. Remember when he did a written thing on Destiny and tweeted that his video talk did waaay more traffic? Patrick has made that point. That's why he's doing those long form video essays now. There is a possibility, that maybe, just maybe with all those things considered that Jeff just decided to pick the best candidate for the job.

On the other side some of the people "defending" the decision are terrible human beings. I have a suggestion, if you hate women, or to be more accurate hate it when women express an opinion, call your mother and say to her what you said to other women. Make sure you don't mince words. Call her everything you called them. Can't do it, can you?

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I like the fact that they're always ahead of the curve. Quicklooks, the talking over the press conference stream, Let's Plays, (The Endurance Runs), their love of old games, their love of bad games and most importantly Jeff selling the virtues of living the boneless chicken life.

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Every time I replay a game I played on console on PC my tolerance for anything below 60 decreases. It really annoys me when games aren't at 60.

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I can't believe this is an issue. Both Dan and Jason seem like great dudes. They have a great track record and can hit the ground running immediately. I wonder if the people bitching about the new hires are the same people who were giving Patrick a hard time until he found his footing? You can't win.

Oh by the way, for you people "fighting the good fight", nothing would annoy me more than to find out I was hired to fill some stupid diversity quota. It's insulting.

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It doesn't exist. Have you ever used a third party controller that was as good or better than the one the system came with? I know I haven't and I have a crate full of once to twice used controllers to prove it.

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Yeah, I really enjoyed it. Handled the concept better than Source Code (at least in that the ending actually worked), and hit all the right notes with story, humour, action.

I've been so far unable to convince anyone else to watch it, because the sci fi war setting turns them off.

I've had a hard time championing it also. I sold one person on it by saying that they pulled no punches with the ways in which Tom Cruise dies. That person then comes back angry that I didn't do a better job of selling it to him.