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Hope the Hackers/Emulation group come up with a way to play P.T for the people who never played it like myself.

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Shy Guy's Jungle Jam because that is my summer jam.

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I still want to know What is Firewatch?

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More castle-Vinny-a and dos games

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I have not watched a movie since Halloween, Rocky Horror Picture Show 5/5

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graphs don't make the game

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Besides Better graphs is there any content or features missing in the Xbox 360 or PS3 version of Far cry 4? I don't own a PS4 or Xbone right now and for pc using Uplay I just don't want it. I hope all version are the same (besides graphs) so I can pick this up for the 360 and not feel like I'm missing out playing on Xbone or PS4.

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I bet he wanted to call it "No Joel McHale allowed show"

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I just watch a YouTube review of a this game Bad milk and in the game this face shows up as and quickly thought of Vinny Caravella. Anyone else thinks this looks like Vinny? I wont link the video I don't know if that counts as spam.