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Fighting games and Mario kart wii. I bought street fighter 4 and UMK3 but remember move list is not for me. Mario kart wii it the AI would screw me the same way the same time in every cup (blue shell final lap never the finish in 3rd race)

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Trying to beat Robocop on nes and going to start Aliens : Colonial marines soon. Also trying to rush and beat pokemon x, pearl and black so I can catch all the pokemon and transfer them before ds online is gone

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1. Burnout Paradise

2. Mario kart 64

3. Forza Horizon

4. Diddy kong racing

5. Midnight club

add N4S: most wanted (2012) and that all the racing games I have played.

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cool baby or bomb emote?

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Final Fantasy X-2 the first Final fantasy game I played, thank goodness that didn't turn me away from the series.

Bubsy 3D I did get it for free but why did I grab it? needed to pick a game quick that what was it.

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@amyggen: I am guessing it is growing where I live because with in the last few years 2 retro game stores have moved in to town. I don't know about every where else.

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Played through Zelda 1 and now playing through Final fantasy mystic quest for my YT channel

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I am blaming my depression on the new consoles, that and not being able to find work. But if I was not broke I wouldn't buy one until at least a year in. Wait for games and to see if they don't end up like the 360 red ringing.