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@mikkaq: Oh yeah, I understood that much. What I don't understand is if Nerissa and Faith are the same person, whose head was at the foot of The Woodlands apartments in the first place, and why I should I care?

Like I said, it just came across as a twist for the sake of it. A good twist should have your mind reeling with possibilities. At least one, preferably more. Here, the only possibility is that it's someone else, but who it is is completely irrelevant.

Ooooh okay yeah. I see your point, it seems like it's just there to set up a second season, since everything else seemed pretty well wrapped up. It was a bit of an arbitrary twist. For now I choose to believe that the real Nerissa died and Faith gave Bigby just enough info to figure this out for himself. I tried reading the comics for answers but it seems like this is a pretty separate story from the main Fables comics (which are awesome so far, worth reading if you liked the game).

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@tehpickle: The ending implies that Nerissa is really just Faith in disguise. She said the exact same line to Bigby as Faith did at the start, plus they did that little audio flashback as she was walking away where they remind you that Faith was able to hide in plain sight and whatnot.

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The only game I've done this with is Eve Online, and I had some pretty extensive hand-drawn spreadsheets all related to the market trading I was doing, losses and gains on specific purchases and whatnot. Kept my books tighter than in real life, that's for sure!

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I live in Canada, but I've been to the US, the UK, France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Holland and Belgium. I think I'm good for travel for now, might want to see Italy someday but that can wait.

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Just throw grenades where people are camping, that's literally what they're made for. Clearing out rooms or drawing people out for an easy kill.

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@maddman60620 said:


For the anime-haters? Really?


I tried that one back when I liked anime a lot more and I still couldn't get it.... definitely not for converting anime haters, unless they're total pillheads too. Then maybe.

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About five years or so, not counting my christmas edition avatar!

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I voted for the bottom three, and so far the community seems to agree.

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When I wake up. Showering is an essential part of waking me up every morning. Though a night-time shower is pretty great.