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Thank you, GOG! That's pretty great.

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@MikkaQ: You are thinking too small, sir. Easter is just a few days away, why not have a spring sale? That's where Steam is headed, big sales every quarter.

Guess so, but man that summer sale they always go full throttle with weird ARGs and stuff.

But yeah spring sale... that's gotta happen soon.

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Doesn't work in Canada, so I wait patiently for the summer Steam sale.

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I say screw the binoculars, if there's ever a reason to get a nice telephoto lens for an SLR, it's for an African safari.

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Wow I did not think they'd have gone through with it.

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His games are definitely some of the more creative and interesting titles out there, like 'em or hate 'em. Personally I think most of them play just fine, but the real appeal is in the settings, characters, and scenarios. Dialogue is usually pretty great too, in a cheesy way.

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CheapyD said Suda51 is huge asshole.

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Cheapy D from Cheapassgamer lives in Japan and is friends with the grasshopper game devs. They all say Suda is a complete dick and they honestly wish he was dead.

Seen this pop up a lot lately. Anyone wanna post a link to said info?

It's on the CAGCast, they didn't write it down or anything.

Personally, I don't care. Few good directors are known for being nice, Kubick and Hitchcock both were famously dickish towards their actors, I could totally see the same thing happening in the auteur-dominated Japanese game dev environment. When there's one top dog behind the entire artistic direction of the game, they're probably very used to having everything their way.

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Probably MGS for me. Sure it was all MIDI sounds, but the soundtrack was tense, well composed and sounded exactly like the hi-tech spy thriller film it was trying to be.

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I just want more editorial comtent that isn't news or reviews. Good, proper 2000 word articles that make for interesting discussions. Sure, we have that but I'd like a little more writing in general.

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@Animasta said:

just say you aren't attracted to her and leave it at that, pretty easy

She's going to ask why, and I'm going to be so tempted to be completely honest.

Just use the classic "not my type" excuse and leave it at that. If she wants specifics tell her you like girls with a different haircolor. Or tell her you have jungle/yellow fever if she's white. Done.