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Restarting upon the death of your characters is recommended, since you can go back and try something different to prevent their demise! Save the "Leave them dead" runs for later when you're more accustomed to the series.

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That scene actually only appears in the demo. In the actual game you wake up and do that room alone.

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Just chiming in to say that I would still love to see some Giant Bomb coverage of this game. It's my GOTY, and more people deserve to know about it.

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Signed into my account to express my excitement about this! People don't seem to know the difference between a buy out and a sell out. This will bring nothing but great things to Giant Bomb.

Also, oh god please bring Button Mashing!

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The best part of the show was Miyamoto being there to accept the award for Zelda being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Second part was Kojima being awesome and awkward at the end.

Also, while Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader sucks, and The Apprentice is okay on occasion, Survivor has put off some really entertaining seasons over the years. Sure there's been a couple of duds, but that's to be expected when there's been 23 seasons.

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With E3 coming up, I'm sure we'll get an announcement for Paper Mario 3 soon. Hopefully no more side scrolling, I want it to go back to it's RPG roots.

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I feel it's worth it, the only map I don't like is Bailout. Crash and Overgrown return as fantastic as ever, I really like Storm, and Salvage is good too.

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That was a pleasent little surprise. The level he created actually looks very good.

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I just made a list of 10 items. I didn't get either Santa/Moses would be proud, however it says the quest is in progress (Circ le is half full.)

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It's best that you play through by yourself, that way when watching the Endurance Run you get to pull your hair out over Jeff and Vinny's questionable decissions.