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Dragon Age 2 is the better game!


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@drx25: everything is pointing to RVD, Intercontinental Champion

The belt has been rendered meaningless, so I don't think it really matters who gets it. When was the last time it boosted someone's career?

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This is a really weird thing to be on

That's a hell of a roller coaster that kid has been on for the past few weeks. This reality era is becoming a little too real

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@krullban: Some jackass is sitting at home saying "they learn how to fall." Well how do you learn to do that?

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So for real, how into Rusev are we at the moment?

If you mean Lana, a bunch


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@ericsmith: God damn! We need that embedded up in here. However, after the botch, I don't blame him or WWE one bit for being gun-shy on that move.

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@yummylee: Nope, never used. Looking around it seems to be a lucky bug, and I will happily take those extra flasks

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So I went back to Majula this morning and noticed that all the doors had closed on the buildings. Then I noticed that all the items and chests had been reset, meaning I was able to get the 2 estus shards again? Am I the benefactor of a very fortunate glitch? Or is my save getting corrupted?

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In considerably lighter news, The Shield / Wyatts match on Main Event last night was fucking fantastic and everyone should watch it. It's also worth noting that Face Shield is the greatest thing ever. I think Roman impregnated Renee with his eyes and Ambrose is either the greatest at selling or he's legitimately hurt.

Rollins is amazing, and Ambrose played Ricky Morton better than I ever imagined. I might lean towards being legitimately hurt since he definitely seemed to channel the pain into the promo at one point