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@krullban: Some jackass is sitting at home saying "they learn how to fall." Well how do you learn to do that?

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So for real, how into Rusev are we at the moment?

If you mean Lana, a bunch


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@ericsmith: God damn! We need that embedded up in here. However, after the botch, I don't blame him or WWE one bit for being gun-shy on that move.

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@yummylee: Nope, never used. Looking around it seems to be a lucky bug, and I will happily take those extra flasks

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So I went back to Majula this morning and noticed that all the doors had closed on the buildings. Then I noticed that all the items and chests had been reset, meaning I was able to get the 2 estus shards again? Am I the benefactor of a very fortunate glitch? Or is my save getting corrupted?

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In considerably lighter news, The Shield / Wyatts match on Main Event last night was fucking fantastic and everyone should watch it. It's also worth noting that Face Shield is the greatest thing ever. I think Roman impregnated Renee with his eyes and Ambrose is either the greatest at selling or he's legitimately hurt.

Rollins is amazing, and Ambrose played Ricky Morton better than I ever imagined. I might lean towards being legitimately hurt since he definitely seemed to channel the pain into the promo at one point

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Jesus, it's like the only thing keeping him going was one last moment in the spotlight. This is fucking terrible.

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This was a god damned work of art, so let's revel in it

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Feels like a new Era for the WWE and Cena has no place in it at this point.

That's crazy talk. Shawn Michaels and Undertaker both had places in the Attitude era. Cena will be useful here too.

I'm starting to think of Punk leaving as the Bret Hart-esque catalyst that re-ignited WWE in the late 90's. So fuck that guy. We've been getting some awesome shit without having to listen to him whine (much like Bret Hart)