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I was trying not put spoilers out there. But its a green labeled "M" and it won't let me continue once I'm there. My friend suggested I sleep at Franklins to see if that works

I looked up the mission I think you're referring too and it seems that some people are having the same issue

I hope you have a recent manual save because you may have to go back to it. I lost 10 hours because I hit a point where the only available mission was inside the lester's garment factory and the doors were locked. The only fix rockstar had was reloading an older save, which I hadn't made in quite some time. At least I learned to be more diligent about it

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lol. Petitions are always and always will be moronic.

Not necessarily. An actual, physical petition that could be presented to a city councillor over a zoning issue or some other legislative manner can work. But one on the internet that's based on hissy fits and tantrums won't

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@lord_xp: Is the current mission you have coloured for Michael, or is it an M?

Otherwise I would assume you'll get a phone call at some point. I'm only getting vague recollections of that part of the story. What was the name of the last mission you did?

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Sawft tacos! "Let's go, this guy" chants! Bo Dallas invitational for anyone except Sami Zayn! The mixed tag match! Half of this week's NXT was incredible, and the other half included a match with the Ascension

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Holy Toledo! Those specs are crazy. The only thing my pc covers is the recommended RAM and video card. The PS4 is looking mighty appealing.

Yep. It looks like my pc build from 3 years ago managed to perfectly segue into the launch of a ps4.

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@gorillamopena: Even worse is that they are actually negotiation a new contract with Hogan. I'm not trying to be a total hater here, but when your big name investment has produced no change in tv ratings and actually lead to more reductions than anything, it's probably not worth your money to re-up on them

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Witcher and the Malazan series by Steven Erickson

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Snakes and taxidermied animals

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I wonder if Ubi will drop the "Tom Clancy's" from their games like Codemasters did back when Colin died.

They still used Colin McRae for Dirt 2, just not in North America. I'm sure that had more to do with a general lack of name recognition than anything. And Dirt used real world racers and events; those are things that you can't attribute to Colin McRae. The Clancy games are based on a fiction created by Tom Clancy. They would keep using that branding the same way that Robert Ludlum's name is still attached to books set in the worlds he created

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Sega does it again. You bet your ass they looked at the 'Dead Souls' sales and thought: " It doesn't seem that the west likes Yakuza.." Which was the worst one in the entire series.

Or they looked at the sales of 3 and 4 and decided it wasn't worth it