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Snakes and taxidermied animals

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I wonder if Ubi will drop the "Tom Clancy's" from their games like Codemasters did back when Colin died.

They still used Colin McRae for Dirt 2, just not in North America. I'm sure that had more to do with a general lack of name recognition than anything. And Dirt used real world racers and events; those are things that you can't attribute to Colin McRae. The Clancy games are based on a fiction created by Tom Clancy. They would keep using that branding the same way that Robert Ludlum's name is still attached to books set in the worlds he created

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Sega does it again. You bet your ass they looked at the 'Dead Souls' sales and thought: " It doesn't seem that the west likes Yakuza.." Which was the worst one in the entire series.

Or they looked at the sales of 3 and 4 and decided it wasn't worth it

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@drx25 said:

The Survivor Series Poster:

Oh shit! Wyatts vs some gaters!

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Maybe I misheard, but it sure sounded like CJ Parker's solution for his lack of a tag partner was more government funding. That whole segment was pretty good

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You live in a strange world where you xbox is louder than your PS3. My PS3 sounds like a fucking vacuum

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Checkmate for Taco Bell

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That killswitch sounds like the most awesome way to handle it

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@turboman said:

Raw was bad tonight. I enjoyed the Rhodes stuff though. That's about it, hopefully Punk didn't bust his tailbone.

You bailed before the main event, right? It was pretty fun

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If I start a triathlon with one character the missions become exclusive to that character, or can I do the triathlon missions with each character?

I think you can do them with anyone, but Franklin seems like the obvious choice because he has the highest stamina to start. I'm not sure how strength factors in since swimming seems to be my weak point, although I destroyed that chick when she challenged me