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I was groaning the entire time I was watching that video. That guy really doesn't understand how technology works does he?

I adjusted the brightness and saturation on my TV and now the game runs at 80 hz

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@benspyda said:

I think most of my deaths in the game where from rolling off ledges and falling to my death. Which generally makes me laugh more than rage. For a game with so many ways do die and things to kill you, rolling off a cliff never gets old for some reason.

That's how most of my deaths in Iron Keep happened. I found that place really manageable, but I would inevitably roll off a ledge and then do it again when trying to get back to my bloodstain. I probably lost 90,000+ souls from that, but I never got angry about it. I tend not to keep a large amount of souls on me ever so I'm never worried about losing them.

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Both of those videos are great. It's a shame that WWE doesn't always put in that kind of work to build up feuds because they have well established that their production teams are some of the best.

Although I do feel like they missed an opportunity. The posted a video about HHH training for the match, which would have been a great time for him to go on full dickish heel who doesn't take Bryan seriously, but it's actually an honest video. I've now hit a point where I'm bothered by him not burying someone

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@turboman said:

@wikitoups: you got it.


If Punk does come back, I would imagine it being the night after WrestleMania. It would be impossible for him to be a heel at this point, but hypothetically if he were back for a month or two and pulled a swerve on Daniel Bryan...

... We could get Corporate Punk. I'm so giddy about the thought of a Corporate Punk.

Yep. They need to let Bryan have the moment at WM, and then the next night Punk comes back to get what's his, and we all collectively cum in our pants

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Wow, I got really lucky then. I went it and found a summon right away and beat the gargoyles. I had technically beaten the gargoyles on my first attempt solo, but got a mutal last hit and we both died, with ties going to the CPU. I was too angry to try again without help

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@mcfart said:

If HHH incorporates shovels at WM 30, I'll vouch for him to win the title, even tho I'm a Dbry fan lol

That would be incredible, but that would be way too on the nose.

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@recspec said:

Man, is this the point we're all at? Where a lot of people actually want HHH to win the title?

This may be the best Wrestlemania build in history.

After that video/burial, how could any other option be possible?

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@willin said:
@mildmolasses said:

@manmadegod: I'll be honest, part of me is hoping that HHH walks out with the belt

You monster...

Hang on now, I understand where he's coming from


The way they worked that Chicago crowd a few weeks ago was amazing. Having Trips win would be that times a billion!!

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@manmadegod: I'll be honest, part of me is hoping that HHH walks out with the belt

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@mjhealy said:

@dazzhardy: I flicked through some of the replies too. Let's just say that the discussion amongst AJ marks gets a little "off-topic."

I scrolled a bit and saw "that looks like you, ugly fucking roach c*nt"

Keeping it classy as always