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@squaretheroot: microsoft also didn't tell us dick all about it how it would work. none of the real details.

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made this

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i can't, this is horrible

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I just made it into Hell at level 51 Monk, the guys I was playing with gg'ed after Nightmare DIablo, so i tried soloing act 1 and the first gold enemy i run across on the way to the cemetary is Molten, Mortar and Frozen what a nightmare.

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what about cross platform play?

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So this will prevent the claw right? wow.

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I think the premise is unrealistic, but isn't that because the invader was originally China and they had to change it to be politically sensitive?

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I thought she was fine until about 2 hours in when they were talking about nintendo and she wouldn't let ryan and chris finish talking.

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I just got a nexus one and found the app in the android market place it's great!  I was wondering though if the videos are lower quality than the iphone version or if it's just that the screen is  higher res than the iphone so the video looks blockier because of upscaling.  Thank you! 
edit: nevermind i tried a more recent video and it looked better.  good job!