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I don't have a problem with Jaffe but he can be obnoxious and abrasive at times so I can see why some people wouldn't like him. I would interested to see what a lot of people who like Jaffe have to say about Phil Fish because I think there's a definite double standard there.

Also, and perhaps most importantly, I don't think he's made a good game in a long time.

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Jossp Zulcor


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@imsh_pl: Whether all these people are going to actually buy Hatred, I don't know. The internet has certainly been all talk before.

And you won't find much argument from me that video games' treatment of murder and killing is often completely warped and one of the main reasons why the medium isn't taken seriously by people outside our little bubble. However, I don't think that's the point the Hatred developers are making. Like I said in this very thread when this game was first announced, I'm not against the idea of this look inside of head of a mass murder and why they do what they do but I've gotten no indication from Hatred that it's anything like that or anything other than just a ploy for attention that has worked beautifully for them so far.

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@imsh_pl: If Hatred is any indication, plenty of people would buy it just to prove a point. What that point is I couldn't tell you.

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I continue to not get a lot of the praise for this game. I found it to be completely enjoyable but also completely unremarkable. The Nemesis system is neat but it was never this game changing, amazing thing that a lot of people made it out to be, to me. It's just Assassin's Creed with orcs and a better combat system. Again, a perfectly solid game but that's about it for me.

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Sounds awful but this will make literal assloads of money.

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@sergio: I was more talking about stuff like this. This was the statement they released on their site when they first revealed the game:

The question you may ask is: why do they do this? These days, when a lot of games are heading to be polite, colorful, politically correct and trying to be some kind of higher art, rather than just an entertainment – we wanted to create something against trends. Something different, something that could give the player a pure, gaming pleasure. Herecomes our game, which takes no prisoners and makes no excuses. We say ‘yes, it is a game about killing people’ and the only reason of the antagonist doing that sick stuff is his deep-rooted hatred.

I'm not sure about all the neo-nazi stuff just because I haven't really done any research into it. But that statement rubs me the wrong way, for sure. The whole thing makes my skin crawl. But I guess I'm the kind "politically correct" or "polite" (I guess that's bad) person they're trying to piss off. So, whatever, if people want this, let them have it. I feel like I've thought about this game enough for a couple of lifetimes.

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Just put it on a Netflix. It's the greatest accidental marketing campaign of all-time.

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@sergio: I still think the goals of those original grindhouse directors and the goals of the creators of Hatred are different. It's true that the entire premise behind movies like I Spit On Your Grave were to be exploitative and shock people but to me, this game seems to have a more sinister purpose behind it. It seems to aimed at a very specific kind of person at a very specific time in this industry. I think the reaction to his game would probably been very different if it was even released a year or two ago. It sucks that everything that happens now in the games industry has to be examined through this lens now but it seems to be the way things are right now.

This whole thing seems like people reacting to a reaction of a reaction and the game itself is kind of just a side bar. The whole conversation is just annoying at this point because without all this ballyhoo on Twitter and what not, a probable shitty game in a sea of shitty games would have most likely just been forgotten about and we all would have moved on with our lives. I can't help but feel every time I make another post about it, I'm just giving the developers what they wanted from the beginning.

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Why the fuck is North Korea Rick Rude?