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@brodehouse: I agree. I've been surprised at how well Kidd has worked as a heel. He's real good at making shitty faces like this:

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I barely remember making this thread but...


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Hmmm...1 year later...

Yep, Phil Fish still owns.

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I guess I should give some more in-depth opinions too.

I enjoyed the season overall (it doesn't even touch Walking Dead Season 1, for me) but I didn't love this last episode. Way too much "combat" and I didn't find the payoff with The Crooked Man at the end all that satisfying. And as I said, the cliffhanger moment at the end just perplexed me as to what was happening and more importantly why I should care.

  • I let Georgie bleed out. But I didn't do it in "yeah, let this fucker suffer way." I was just tired of killing people and told Georgie as such when I left the room. The fact that killed Tweedle Dee (or was it Dum?) probably had something to do with my decision here.
  • I handcuffed the Crooked Man. (But I did punch him in the face first.) I'm pretty curious what happens here if you kill him. It seems like it would obviously drastically change the rest of the episode.
  • I spared the Crooked Man. I felt that killing him would show that Bigby really learned nothing throughout this season. I like my characters to have some growth. Also, I think turning into a crow is way worse than dying anyway.
  • I accepted TJ's gift. Who would say no here? You're a monster. I was pretty bummed that Toad and TJ still got sent to the farm, even after I stuck up for them last episode. Colin stayed though.
  • I went after Nerissa. Is this really a choice? What?
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@bacon said:
@gunslingerpanda said:

As for the Nerissa/Faith thing... Why does it even matter? Faith is still the dead one, and Nerissa already told us that she was manipulating Bigby all along. It was a hamfistedly delivered twist for the sake of a twist, and it would have been far better had it been delivered with subtlety rather than "HEY REMEMBER ALL THE THINGS NERISSA AND FAITH SAID HEY THEY WERE KIND OF SIMILAR DO YOU GET IT YET DO YOU?"

2. Narissa was is the dead one, not Faith. Faith is glamoured to look like Narissa now.

My broader point was that it doesn't matter; regardless of who it is, the one we've been interacting with the whole time - presumably Faith, then - is still alive, and the dead one is still dead. And the fact that it's so easy to get it confused just works in favour that it should have been a more subtle point.

I agree with this. I didn't really get why Nerissa would want to glamour herself to look like Faith or vice versa. What's the motivation? And who cares? Is there really that much a difference between the two characters?

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I found this guy's assumption that adding 1P vs. CPU or CPU vs. CPU would somehow be free way more obnoxious than the actual piracy.

All the credit in the world to the Skullgirls developers for being understanding with this stuff. I doubt I would be nearly as nice if I was in their position.

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@corruptedevil: Even if uStream does end up stopping their iPPV service, there will still be plenty of ways to watch New Japan. Just not live.

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If you want to say that premium content has been sparse, sure, that seems like a valid complaint. But since Dan joined the site, him and Jeff have been pumping out Quick Looks at a pretty ridiculous pace. I'm not sure how exactly anyone could be starved for content right now. I know my personal Quick Look backlog is approaching near insurmountable levels.

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