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There really was a Howard the Duck video game, on the Commodore 64.  It was reportedly terrible.

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If this is as good as the Dead Space comic was, it should be worth checking out.  I mean, even if you never played Dead Space, the story still stood on its own.  I certainly enjoyed it more than the direct-to-video cartoon (no offense to those who liked the latter).   Many of the Warhammer comics were entertaining as well.

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Meh. I'll stick to /m/ and /a/.

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Softcore porn is hardly the focus of The Witcher. Sex is a part of life, this RPG decided to retain that aspect, good for them.

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I've played this for about a month and a half, back when Burning Crusade was released.  Ultimately, I don't really like the structure of this game.  I want to take my time and enjoy exploring, hang out with my friends, but the game is always pushing you to level up, level up, level up. It's like they want to rush you as fast as possible toward the end game content.  Why?