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As a matter of fact, there is DLC upcoming. It is in the XBLA certification process currently and will be released as soon as it passes cert.

My friends and I host a podcast and talked to Nels Anderson, the Lead Designer of Mark of the Ninja, just last night.

He talked pretty in depth about what to expect from the DLC, it sounds pretty darn interesting.

Here is our podcast if you'd like to listen.

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Thanks for sharing, Joey.

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Unbelievable. My condolences to Ryan's family and friends. I don't know what to say. I've spent the past 4 or 5 years listening to the guy in podcasts. I just paused a Bombcast episode, and checked the site. When i saw Ryan's face I thought it was a new feature or something.

Giant Bomb won't be the same without you, Ryan.

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So once (if) the server issues get worked out, is Polygon going to raise its score?

That just seems weird to me. I understand what they are trying to do, I guess, they want to give the most accurate score that they see fit of a game, at a given time. But where does it start and stop? Shouldn't they update every game's scores whenever any kind of patch or change is made to a game?

It just comes off as looking kind of shoddy, like "oops we reviewed this game too early" or "oops we can't make up our mind", especially when they present the history of changing scores for a single game.

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Women are constantly objectified in video games. It is a sad state, but sex sells. They are targeting young males, teen-aged, who haven't had meaningful relationships with women in their lives, and think about sex all day. Actually - I don't know who they are targeting. The more I think about it - even in my younger years, I can't say that I ever thought that it would have been cool to have a headless statue of a woman. Maybe a statue of a woman, with a head. I remember as a young boy being fascinated with looking down the shirts of female mannequins at clothing stores. I probably would have thought that having my own mannequin would have been cool - maybe? I don't even know. This is stupid. The important thing to take away form this is that not everyone lives in San Francisco or other progressive cities where equality is at the forefront of society. Many people live in communities that accept and even embrace racism, sexism, etc. And this shit will sell. I'm sure there are people out there that think this is the coolest game collectible ever. If nothing else, it is worth collecting to remind ourselves of the mistakes that the gaming industry made.

I think the most interesting thing I took away from this article is a lot of the women pointing out the anatomical incorrect-ness of the statue. As if the image of a mutilated, decapitated female torso wasn't bad enough, Deep Silver, you didn't even give her realistic boobs!

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It would be great if Microsoft cleaned up their Indie service and turned it into something worth looking at on a regular basis.

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I think people are getting a little off course talking feminism and the objectifying of women.

The point that, I think Patrick is trying to make, is that these booth babes are representing a company or product that they don't know much about in many cases. The problem that he is pointing out is not necessarily that they are scantily-clad, but that they are poorly representing, directly and indirectly, the products, and in some cases even distracting from the product.

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They call me White Chocolate

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Is Giant Bomb for sure going to PAX East?

I'm just about to book my flight and everything, this will be my first PAX.

Any advice on hotels / transportation / night life etc.?