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wish you the best,Sir; will follow your digital adventures any where they might take place.! enjoy your life back in your hometown!

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It was a very fun show. Glad they could find the time, i think this should be more and more fun each time. Thanks guys, and well done Rorie on keeping the team and game together.

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I was hoping so much for this to be an idiotic joke. I am truly taken apart. Losing a person who you feel so close even though he didn't even know you exist is so crazy. These news are crazy! Thanks Ryan, duder you are awesome. I wanted you to be fine and happy, being a member is kind of a show of this love and wanting of your guys well being, even if we viewers are some weird invisible friends, i think we are friends at least one-sidely, but it doesn't matter. That's what show business is all about. We love you and get to know you guys more than we get to know people you live near us, or went through school and jobs together. This is so unbelievable. My deepest thought on your family ,your wife, Jeff Vinny Patrick Alex Alexis Drew Dave Brad, and everybody. See you later for more shenanigans

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thanks guys 

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me too..!
go giantbomb community..
too late ;-(

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i would like one if they are available.
@Toxic:  mima.kos@hotmail.com

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well i guess as the Bounty Hunter and the Trooper sound pretty much mirrored classes and the sith warrior wiht the jedi as well..there be some sort of dark side "smuggler" class..that leaves us with one class that should be mirrored for each faction..so i guess sort of tech-robot building class..
Anyway it seems either that the StarWars universe ain't giving much of opportunity for nice class branching, or its just people aren't much into it anymore..II'm personally pretty disappointed with this system but hope that the rest of the game will put up with it..let's see

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soo jealous...well have fun winners..take the best out of it..

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i'd say the ER made me more of a fan of Giantbomb more than it converted me to the shin megami tensei series..
but the fact that the game is so well made,sure played its part for loving it..
Nonetheless the endurance run would not be what it is if Persona 4 wasn;t that much fun!!
so i guess jeff and vinny help us non-core gamers find out about such games..

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