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Just an update, the Microsoft refund for $124.98 went through. I'm actually pretty impressed with how they handled my situation and how fast they got my money back to me. They don't seem to be ing around.

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The freezing seems to be linked to the Miiverse. It scared the &*%$ out of me the first time it happened. Personally, I'm on the fence recommending it to people. On one hand, it's a fun system but on the other, the freezing can be a headache. You can take some steps though to get rid of the freezing by disable some Miiverse settings, making it English only, clearing the update for Nintendo Land and redownloading it, or rolling with no Internet connection until they get it sorted out. I deleted my Nintendo Land update and redownloaded and I run the system without an Internet connection and all is good now.

If paying for something and not being able to use it to full potential because of bugs gets on your nerves, by all means wait. If you don't mind making a couple tweaks, jump in.

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@Funkydupe: Haha, tru dat! I still want my NFL 2K back :(

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@Grumbel: From the best I can tell, man...the problem starts with Origin. Some how the bad guys are getting Origin's customer security information, taking over the accounts and selling them. But my Origin account was useless, literally didn't even have ONE game attached to it. So, the hacker didn't even bother to change the email address attached to the account. So, it was easy for me to get back in. He was more interested in my Xbox Live info since I had a credit card attached to it. Once the hacker has access to your Origin account, your Xbox Live gamertag is on display when they log into Origin and view your profile and most likely just check if you were stupid enough to use the same password for both Origin and Xbox Live, like I was.

I doubt they could have brute forced my password. It was very complex. My gut just says something isn't right at EA.

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@ZeForgotten: lmao...yeah, homie, it's a weird / dirty feeling seeing the hacker's (god, I hate that word) activity on your account when you get it back. I have a FIFA 13 achievement that the person got when my account was compromised and apparently he played Microsoft Flight Simulator as well, that shows up too.

Oh wells...there is a lot of other things worse that could have happened to me. But getting money stolen from you is always a crappy feeling. :P

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@ZeForgotten: I dunno, man...just Google "origin hacked" or go to you tube and see the amount of people that are getting their Origin accounts hijacked. Even to the extent of having their birthdays changed, which I would believe points to a database hack. The fact that my Origin account was hacked then my Live account ten minutes later was compromised which shared the same password as Origin, gives me enough concrete evidence that Origin has a security issue somewhere down the line. I'm 100% positive it is not or was on my end.

Also, protip. Set up your Microsoft proofs. It would have saved my ass here. That's adding MMS, secondary email, etc to your security measures on your Live account. You can do all that jazz at accounts.live, yes, its a legit Microsoft site. :P

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@Andorski: Luckily, I use a business debit PayPal credit card, the funds come straight out of my PayPal and don't even touch my bank account. I use this card solely for online stuff.

@WarlordPayne: They bought then gifted a butt load of FIFA points.

@mosdl: I got an email from Origin saying my Origin password had been changed. Then ten minutes after that, 10,000 Microsoft points were bought. I used the same password for Origin as I did Xbox Live. My Live account is also linked to Origin, your gamertag is shown on your Origin profile, so my guess the hacker checks to see if they can log into Live with the password they just stole from Origin.

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Thanks for the info. You guys have all been really helpful.

Luckily, I got through last night to Microsoft and got it straightened out. A Major Nelson sounding guy walked me through the steps of securing my Live account. Took about 30 minutes in all. They also said the money had already been refunded, but it takes a couple days to show back in my PayPal. Microsoft was well aware of this issue, but did not want to provide much info other than I had been "FIFA'd". They offered no info as to what caused this, but said I should call Origin as well.

A Microsoft admin had put a note on my account attached to the two fraudulent purchases while I was at work and oblivious to what was happening, authorizing a refund since their system flagged the purchases as suspicious. Pretty cool that their system at least does that.

Funny twist, when I logged on this morning there was a friend I had never seen before playing what else but FIFA 13. When my account was compromised they must have added this user to my friends list. In all the confusion last night I didn't even notice. Anyways, he quickly went offline and de-friended me when I logged on. But not before I got his gamertag. Good times.

I'm 100% sure it wasn't a key logger or anything of that nature. I'm leaning towards a social engineering issue or database hack at Origin. I was just stupid for having the same security info for both Origin and Live.

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So, maybe this is old news, but Origin has been hacked and it is legit. Unfortunately for me I didn't get the memo until today. I used the same password and email address for my Xbox Live account as Origin, and came home today after work to two emails saying I purchased 4,000 and 6,000 Microsoft points. Purchases that I didn't make and the email above that stating my origin password had been reset. The Microsoft points are not on my account, but the sums of $49.99 and $74.99 were charged to my Paypal account since that's the form of payment I have saved to my 360. When I changed my password on Xbox Live, I used the website, I did get a warning page saying it looked like my account was accessed by an outside party or something of that nature. But I did successfully change my password.

So, I have some questions for the Giant Bomb community:

1. Who should I contact first about this? Paypal, Microsoft or Origin?

2. Since the hackers bought 10,000 Microsoft points, where did the points go if they are not in my account?

3. If you have any other tips or advice that'd be awesome. I already changed passwords and such, so I should be fine there.

I also wanted to spread the word. I googled "origin hacked" and apparently this was in the gaming news around the 14th of November. But from what I saw, Origin is denying they were hacked.

Just an FYI, I used Origin one time, bought a couple hardcopy games from their site during black Friday last year. I don't even have their client installed on my PC. But I can tell you, those games weren't worth this headache! :p

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@Jay444111 said:

I know. Convicted until proven guilty and all that... but still. this fucker is only going to face upto 24 years for practically condemning 10K people to death!?

"Innocent until proven guilty" might be the term you are thinking of.

Yeah, this guy is a scum bag, hopefully he rots in hell, if there is one.