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 ... even more if he had more than one. Ugh. Sure enough, the voice over said "clocks", but still ... OH GOD THE IMAGES WILL NEVER GO AWAY.
Why hello there, Reality Pump QA department, what the hell were you doing? Two Worlds 2 is full of cockups like that, to a point where entire cutscenes have mixed up dialogue, making for a very trippy experience. It's a fun game regardless, but it's these little things that bother me.
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 NBA Live 07 game lobby just before 8pm German time (two hours after the event's start time)
Just before EA closes the servers forever, xbox360achievements.org users made it possible to 1000 NBA Live 07! The picture doesn't even show the maximum amount of players, which exceeded over 1k "online" alone, plus those in game. Thank you so much, everyone! Well worth to interrupt my Mass Effect 2 session for!
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Still over 1k on, no worries. Staying online too.

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Issue is resolved, disabling AdBlock did the trick.

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I am using Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; de; rv: Gecko/20091221 Firefox/3.5.7. And I was wrong about IE8, its IE7, but I prefer not to use it, so Firefox it is.

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Not "pwned" at all. There should be a javascript powered editor in the editboxes, but it isn't, so they are not resizable.

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Several problems, which exist for weeks now:  

  • Lists: can't add, remove or edit anything. Buttons do nothing, dropdown game lists don't show. It rains Javascript errors, both IE8 and latest Firefox.
  • Forum: the very box I write in currently is like 100pixels wide at best. That's not really much and doesn't fit the layout. This only happens on creating a new post, not when editing.

Any hope of fixing these issues soon?
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See topic - my gamertag is mindphluxnet, just send me a friend request. I own a copy of the game, it's not going away.

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You know what's missing? Multiplayer. I fondly remember Baldur's Gate for the awesome LAN multiplayer sessions I took part in. So no, this can't be Bioware's best for me, but it's pretty good in it's own right.

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@AnimZero said:
" I think when it comes to the spell names, at least, we should be fair. Most of them are actually from D&D. Cone of Cold, Entangle, all that good stuff. "
Yes. To an avid WoW player, they all might look like they have been inspired by WoW, but of course they aren't. I should not have mentioned them.