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Sorry for the double post! Computer accidentally freaked out on me! Feel free to delete the other thread and as always your comments are appreciated :)

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  Hey guys Luclin here from Minecraft Workbench! 
I just wanted to introduce my newest Redstone tutorial series which highlights some easy guides for new players to veterans alike. Each tutorial is designed to teach you a new fun and creative technique in under a minute.

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Just wanted to share my YouTube channel with the Giant Bomb community I did this about 5 months ago when my son and I started doing videos together (Father & Son Minecraft Adventures) Now known as (Minecraft Family Adventures) well now 5 months later it has turned into something allot bigger then we expected lol we just hit over 42k subs and it grows bigger day to day we have over 200+ videos now all about Minecraft, Vlogs, Custom Maps, and many different guest and friends from the Youtube Community. If for some reason this post is considered spam I apologize in advance :) 
Thank you  

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  All I can Say is Consuela + Minecraft = Epic Win

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Ok thank you :)
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Thank you for the advice :)
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Ok will do :)
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What do you mean ?
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Ok sorry about that :) 
 My son and I have created a Father & Son minecraft adventure video series :)  
My son is 10 years old and we enjoy playing minecraft together let us know what you think :)

I have a lets play series called Minecraft Adventures with Luclin with 33 Episodes and various tutorials to :) 
if you would like to check them out you can find everything here www.youtube.com/minecraftwb 
Thank you
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