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 Japan Release Date - coming on 19th Aug 2010

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Nice, Thanks for the info

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Nice post ;p more pls

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@_@ lack of sleep... i spent 8hrs sleeping everyday till i bought and start playing LP2 now i only sleep 5-6hrs a day @_@

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ya high review for halo by Famitsu but still not famous in Japan non asia, is like a in Singapore most gamer like both games from USA and Japan
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Is a japanese game, just like how Halo is not famous there

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 Famitsu Review Scores
Lost Planet 2- 8/8/9/8 (33/40)
*not sure if it okay to post a source link 
Anyway if u like Mech, FPS and killing big a$$ monster you should try this game, rent one if u r not sure, i got mine ;p

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ok i got the game and have played for 4hrs both in co-op and multiplayer, and i have to say the game is good, Gamer from japan and asia like me will like this more than other player from other place is just like Halo is damn good in the USA/Euro but not at all Japan/Asia. I will write my 1st review on this game soon

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@Lawrens said:
" The game is still currently in alpha, there probably will be a few months beta phase, game is due for release this year supposedly. "
Thanks for the fast reply ^_^
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@Lawrens said:

I think he bought the code 3 region of FF13 and wanted that code that gives you a chance to get into the beta, as they don't come with one like the NA version. I too bought the Region 3 FF13. 

Unless someone bought FF13 and doesn't want the code, there seems to be no other ways so far. You can still apply for a chance into the beta though.

hi ya that the problem i have -.- i did;t know there was this beta thing going on so i did't bought the code 1 version of the game, anyway if anyone wish to share the code they have it will be good ;p, btw when will the game go live?