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Hey guys. Bit of a sad time for me, my pet cat Meow (yeah, I know, my sister named him) died recently due to old age. He's the only pet I've ever had and I didn't think I'd be as upset as I am. I know it sounds dumb, but I'll miss hearing his bell jingle throughout the house. Picture is him :(

Anyway, i don't want this to be some shitty melodramatic thing, so I thought discussing pets in general and good times you've had with them would cheer me up. Any stories to share? Will the first pet you owned always be the best? What was it called?
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 This is one for all you Sam & Max/comic fans: the guy who created Sam & Max is being interviewed by a fansite, and they are letting you submit questions that will then be asked to him. Pretty good opportunity to ask him what you want..
Check it out.

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So according to this Bosco will not be returning in Sam & Max Season 3, he was one of my favourite characters not only in the series but from most adventure games and it's a real shame to see him go... I hope they've cut sybil out too, she has nothing compared to Bosco. Thoughts? We need some bosco love!

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If you go here then you can see that the list 'Banned' has 10 comments. However, when you actually view the list there are no comments at all. I haven't tested the problem myself, but I think it may need looking at.

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Me and a friend are going to set up a forum based around racing cars. The only problem is we're not sure how we're going to go about appointing moderators. Since Giant Bomb is the only forum I'm a member of, I thought I would ask you guys what you think on Giant Bomb's approach to moderating. Do you like the system? Do you think the moderators always make good decisions? Let me know, I'd love to know how to best handle it before we launch the forum.

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Here's why SuperMooseman and Disgaeamad were banned from Take it as you will, but remember we've got nothing to hide and no reason to do so.

* I joined the mod IRC channel under the nick 'MattyFTM_'. Obviously I knew they'd know it was me because they recognise my IP stuff. Here is the chat log from that:
[20:29] MattyFTM_> hey all
[20:30] Hamz> Quick question
[20:30] Hamz> What is the title of Snide's welcome topic for you?
[20:30] MattyFTM_> "yo matty, welcome to da fucking black market son"

I was then kick banned.

* In a thread congratulating MattyFTM on his modship, MB said that Matty made a great addition to the team. For a laugh, I decided to call MB out and say that he hated Matty really. MB then deleted my posts and PMed me, questioning me as to what I was playing at. Obviously assuming I'd started something, I just sent vague-ass responses such as "I think you know" and so on. MB then insulted me by telling me to go "pound sand down a rat hole", so I complained publically to both TheBeast and Hamz in the GB IRC.

To sum it up, here is a direct quote from Hamz as to why I was banned:
<Hamz> Disrupting the community by stirring the pot, impersonating Moderators, trying to slander specific moderators, impersonating the Staff, revealing private and confidential information, spreading rumours with the sole purpose of causing damage and drama to the community.

* He sat in the mod IRC for a while under the nick of lord-of-ultima. He was accused of leaking information. He didn't.  



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 SuperMooseman and Disgaeamad have been permanently banned.

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I only want it for the achievements.

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There is a page for Arthas Menethil and a page for the Lich King, they are the same character therefore shouldn't they be one page?

If so, it would probably be best to keep the Arthas page and just copy and paste the Lich King info over.

EDIT: Sorry about the dodgey title : /