Favorite Podcasts

so what are your favorite podcasts ?
mine happens to be Talkradar (sorry bombcast ur #2) but i want to find some cool podcasts from the community.  


Rumor: PSP 4000 Sliding Screen?

Well if you been looking on the internet today you would have seen something of this sort. Its basicly the old psp but in a new design. Some people are wondering if it wont have a disk drive or if its touch screen but personally all I want is 2 analog sitcks. This would open up so many posibilities for the PSP. I could finnaly play first person shooters with ease. What do you think this new PSP redesign should have or if it will happen at all?


iPhone App of the Week- Card Counter

If you have ever seen the movie "21" you know where this is going. Card counting is a way to see what you should bet in blackjack. Some people think its hard to do this but all it requires is simple math (1+1). Its hard to do study and master this without seeing it on the table. Thats where this app comes in. The app lets you start by seeing the card count on each card then as you change the difficulty deals faster and takes away cards. I pick up this trick in about 5 minutes and almost have mastered it. This app has been outlawed to be used in most of the US. While card counting is legal, using the device is so just keep that in mind when you "Texting your friend under the table" in Vegas. You can pick this app up for $2.99 for a "limited time".


Car Wash Check!

This is what happens when you tell the lady that she has to wait in line. Good thing this car wash has a repair shop next to it. Progressive anyone?



Dead Space on the Wii? Its Coming!

If you saw that mod for Dead Space on the PC with the Wii-Mote you thought that would be fucking awsome. Well EA is making a prequel for the Wii! New game for the Dead Space franchise could be amazing or be an epic fail. Since I never finished the first one I might pick up this one for the wii before i start it over again. 

Here is a trailer


Your Thoughts? Any suggestions or ideas for the plot?

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