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It kind of says how horrid the political landscape of games has gotten that this kind of letter is considered brave-- it should be common sense. Every discussion on this topic makes me want to walk away slowly and close the door behind me. It's infested what I've loved most, which is talking about video games. At the moment, due to school, I probably read more about games than I get to play them. This petty bullshit about ethics in journalism (which IMHO is completely unfounded) is holding us all back. Lets talk about the business, lets talk about what games make you feel and lets talk about how we can push games in increasingly diverse directions. No one hates you if you don't like Gone Home, we just don't appreciate it when you shit all over it because "it's not a game" or "it's pushing an agenda". You don't need to love every thing.

Maybe its a symptom of video game journalism becoming hugely personality based. Politics is a very polarizing subject, as well a personal one. It makes sense that these things would eventually trickle up into a larger conversation a what video games are. GamerGate feels like its been raging for over half a year, and its only getting worse. Does someone need to die for these people to see the suffering and bullshit-ery they are causing? We're just here to play some games and brag about voxels or something. Remember that.

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@excast: I think some people come to video games to role-play. They want to represent themselves in the game so having options to be whoever they want to be, especially when the protagonist is silent, is super important. I do agree that games get a bad rep for gender inequality when many are pretty progressive forms of entertainment compared to movies and TV. That said, a dialogue is always great to have IMHO and I agree, reviews aren't the place to voice these kinds of things (unless its just a bad game or in very very poor taste).

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@groin: @AsperGamer: yeah I'm pretty sure the whole idea behind 120hz TVs is that you can see the difference in the interpolation (even though its kinda bad unless it's a blu-ray). If you have a 120hz tv and a game running at 120fps+, you'll definitely notice the difference. Most computer monitors don't have that spec (except if it's 3d compatible, another thing 120hz is useful for) so the refresh rate is usually around 60hz meaning you can't see the difference when the game jumps above 60fps.

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So I'm a long time GiantBomb user but brand new to Pinterest. Who are some good curators I should follow? Or post yourself!

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Thanks man

yeah I don't have any equipment so the cross-fading is really all done with the filter option. I use Traktor, my mom's HP and a mouse. Thanks for the input! Much appreciated! Any tips on what I should buy first when it comes to equipment?

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Hey guys, thought you might be interested in listening to some DJ set I performed recently and recorded. I'm still quite an amateur but if you would kindly provide some feedback it'd be gladly appreciated.

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I just got a pretty sick multi track recorder for free from someone without any cables. I need a power adapter but I don't know the amps for the brick. Can anyone help me out?

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@Three0neFive Oh no its totally intentional. @Thule I didnt want to depress the shit out of classmates. I wound up dropping a bunc of numbers and the one big scene I showed, the bodies on the road, I felt was enough. But I also love your honesty, so there's that