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Ubisoft loves that digital grunge aesthetic with staticky logos and shit lately.

Assassin's Creed

Watch Dogs

The Crew

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The subtitle colors makes me think it's an anime.

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I'm sick of the whole "rival sisters" story archs in animes.

I feel like putting them in deadly killing machines is a pretty good way to go about it.

I haven't seen it done before, but I feel like it's been done before.

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I'm sick of the whole "rival sisters" story archs in animes.

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Dinklage actually sounds really bad in this from what I overheard when they were filming. Like a human trying to sound like a robot, which I guess is what he is, but it still sounds stiff and weird.

It's like he emotes *just* enough to make it seem weird.

Yeah, it sounds real phoned in. I mean, I love him on Game of Thrones and all. But hiring him just seems like Bungie cashing in on the GoT fame, because Peter Dinklage does not have a very distinct voice. Not on the level of actors like Lance Reddick. If Drew hadn't asked, I would not have even known. He pronounces his "O's" weird, but that just seems like something carried over from his weird GoT accent.

I don't think the fact that he's supposed to be an AI robot excuses it. It's like they didn't know how to direct his voice. They didn't know how much emphasis they wanted on human emoting and cold AI. In the end you're left with a weird, uninterested performance. I am honestly surprised none of them burst out laughing when he said "It's the Hive!"

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@scampbell: I guess you can call that gameplay footage. Quality is terrible and you really only see one sword swing and one shotgun blast though.

Which is why we wanted to see longer, higher quality gameplay footage.

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Looks good, but I agree with the GB crew, looks very early and proof of concept. Why didn't they just rappel the hostage out the window? How come there are only 5 SWAT guys in the house? Why didn't the police surround and secure the neighborhood? What's stopping the rogue team from executing the hostage? Doesn't seem to be a yet established incentive for both teams to keep the hostage alive.

I love the idea of tense, close quarters battle though. Demo looks like if The Raid were a videogame, which that movie is already. But it captures that sense of claustrophobic danger.

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Anybody else see a more than passing resemblance to Nathan Fillion this time around?


Ok. I'll just be over here with my wishful thinking then.

I was thinking more Pedro Pascal.

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Insomniac making fun of gritty 3rd person cover shooters after turning Fuse into a gritty 3rd person cover shooter.

Also I'm getting heavy Borderlands vibes from the writing, which isn't a good thing.

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I'm fine with this. Dark Souls 2 was a surprisingly long game in the first place that I was very satisfied with it. It felt like a full, complete game.

I personally prefer Dark Souls 2 over Dark Souls 1, so I don't really share the sentiment of "B-Team bullshit."