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Something makes me think there's gonna be quite a bit of tension between Kaz and Ocelot. Kaz, from the trailers, seems more hell bent on revenge than Ocelot. He might be the one who spurs on Big Boss' darker side while Ocelot might be, ironically, the voice of reason or at least moderation.

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Gotta go fas- oh I'm out of stamina.

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Poor kid can't catch a break.

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I've always sucked at Sonic games, so I guess I never really found them fun. I'd go fast for a while and then hit a wall, or spike, or enemy, and then spend a few seconds jumping around like a moron trying to get all my rings back and then repeat the cycle. I could never really hit that stride that everyone else seems to in order to fully enjoy Sonic games. I just realized after playing a bit of Generations recently, that I will never be good at Sonic games, whether they are 2D or 3D.

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Borderlands needs to do more than low gravity, a new damage element, and character reskins for me to care about Borderlands. Even Borderlands 2 felt like a minor upgrade, offering only convenience enhancements over any real gameplay overhauls. And honestly, after replaying a bit of the beginning of Borderlands 1, I felt like the gunplay got worse in the sequel. They just lack punch. It doesn't help that 3/4 of the assault rifles you find have stupid fucking gimmicks that prevent them from shooting straight. Or most of the good sniper rifles and shotguns have to reload after like 2 shots. Please Borderlands 2, I just want an assault rifles that shoots bullets, not arching grenades, rockets, or orbs of electricity that make plasma rifles from Fallout 3 look like a minigun.

Borderlands needs to make characters feel more unique and have more interesting upgrades in the skill trees that are more frequent. You have to invest at least 10 points in a single tree before you get anything that drastically changes your character skill. Characters in general need more active skills than just the one. And they need just more interesting passives. For instance, why is the gunzerker only able to dual wield for a limited time? I felt really ripped off when choosing the gunzerker and realizing I couldn't constantly dual wield. I mean, it's a shame when Mass Effect 3's character classes all feel more unique and deep in their side multiplayer co-op horde mode than Borderlands 2, a coop game with an emphasis on character uniqueness.

They also need to retool their questing system. Why do I have to go back to the quest giver to collect my reward? Why can't we just contact the person via hologram and tell them we did the thing and they can give us our reward through teleporter? Can't you just project your unfunny sightgags to me via teleporter? Cause I don't want to half to travel all the way back just to hear some unfunny joke or gag. If I have to do another Hodunk/Zaford war mission ever again, it'll be too soon.

And everyone has said it, but the writing needs something done to it. The story isn't good enough for me to want to follow it and the humor isn't good enough to distract from the boring story. Every single character is making jokes at the story's expense, so why should I care? And the few characters who do play it straight are boring and not compelling (Roland).

Borderlands needs to be more than that game with "over a billion unique guns!"

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@hailinel: You certainly don't need a world map to have a sense of exploration. I would say that FFX managed to add some mystery to the world by creating a second language and hiding additional dungeons on the 2D map. Also the areas in FFX had plenty of stuff off the beaten path. I mean the game is largely a march down a preordained pilgrimage road. I would say P3 and P4 manage a sense of exploration through their use of large, randomly-generated dungeons. I never got the sense of wonder or mystery from the world of FFXIII, but I bailed on that game 20 hours in. I never got to Pulse and I hear that that is the point when the world of XIII opens up so I can't really speak to that game.

I think a world map is a useful tool that should always be an option for developers, but it is far from essential. In fact I would say the maps of games like Dissidia and Lost Odyssey are largely superfluous since they don't have much in the way of hidden locations.

I dunno, P3 and P4's procedurally generated dungeons were incredibly boring and it's not like you'd ever discover a new town or anything by going off the beaten path. Maybe you'd find a chest with a Goho-M in it or a golden chest at best. Sure you're "exploring" going by the dictionary definition of the word, but there is not sense of adventure or wonder to really call it "exploring."

FFXIII opens up when you're 85% of the way through the game. There are other areas you can go to, but it's mainly just to do bounty hunting quests. It's an open area with not much to do but fight, and by the time you get to Pulse, you're already sick of fighting.

I think the last JRPG I played that had a really good world map was Dragon Quest 8. You can find really unique and useful items hidden all over the world, unique monsters to hunt and capture, and even hidden side quests and towns and dunegons. It also gave you different modes of transportation to traverse the world.

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I don't mind the design even if it's a touch generic. My only real issue is that he looks a little too androgynous, like his face has been too perfectly crafted. I'd like the design to be more masculine in some way - maybe losing the turtleneck/blazer combo would fix this though. I think they had the design pretty spot on with the MC from Persona 4 (enough that a high schooler with silver hair stops looking off after a while).

What if "he" is a "she?" And you play as a girl dressing androgynously to get by in the male dominated japanese world. See she's a "slave" to society and wants "emancipation." Basically, Persona 5: Just One of the Guys.

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Is he a black haired version of the Red Guy from Persona 4 Arena? His bangs are pretty similar and that permed hair look. Heard rumors that Red Hair guy was a P5 character. Don't know how much stock that has. But I could see him being a shadow version of this P5 guy though.

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I think if ghosts made first contact with aliens, aliens would assume that ghosts are the indigenous inhabitants. I mean, they wouldn't be wrong. Or they would assume that all humans have some inherent ability to have separate ethereal entities from their physical selves. Or perceive ghosts as a sort of rare mutation that occurs when humans die.

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Are these sentient ghosts with the personalities of their prior living selves, or just shades of a powerful emotion imprinted onto a place? If its the latter I expect the ghost wouldn't miss a beat, but if it's the former I expect hilarious hijinks to ensue!

I was thinking a mixture of both, but that powerful emotion is really fucking angry. Like The Grudge, where all the ghost wants to do is make other people's lives shitty cause they had a shitty death. Or maybe like a satanic ghost. Malevolent ghosts are basically all I'm interested in in the alien/ghost dynamic. Not those Casper types. And the aliens wouldn't necessarily be humanoid in nature. They could be something like a Hanar from Mass Effect. Like, ghosts ain't ever seen anything like a Hanar before. How the hell do you spook a Hanar? Do you think an evil malevolent ghost would end up being frustrated trying to haunt an alien? They don't know how aliens work. Aliens may not even have strong emotions of fear like humans do. Like, could an evil spirit possess an alien? Could an evil mummy curse befall an alien? They don't believe in any earth religions or superstitions.