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Only One. Go check that out. You can try some Kairosoft games (I found Sushi Spinnery to be quite underrated, especially if you like food). Cook, Serve, Delicious has a Ryan cameo and is a fun finger-rage to boot. Brad likes Kingdom Rush. Frozen Synapse, Star Command? Combo Crew and Punch Quest are fun too.

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I'm into all three games, but not really eager to pay a higher price for just a special edition of the console. The whole account/factory reset is confusing to me, but I think I get it. Bummer. Thanks for the feedback! I think I'll keep looking...

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I usually have a good sense of what's good on Craigslist and what's not, but this is my first buy of a portable console.

It's a gold Zelda ed. 3DS XL, with original packaging and materials, plus Fire Emblem: A and Pokemon X (and the included Zelda ALBW on the SD card). "Near-mint" condition, played for ~30 hours. Total for $225.

What should I check for if I decide to meet the seller beyond button and hinge looseness? Also, are "used" 3DS systems easy/good for factory resetting?

Hope this isn't an improper topic to post - just totally lost with portable console value.

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I forgot who the genius was who made this for everyone (someone who knows please call it out so we all know), http://qlcrew.com/

//edit, never mind, the guy is szlifier. Thanks szlifier!

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As GiroMindTricks mentioned, my Asus GTX 760 came with an adapter - two 6pin to one 8pin, actually. You should check up the full package list for the specific manufacturer you got and see if that's provided.

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As someone who also came from a 6870 but switched to the GTX760, it was quite an improvement. I was also evenly split between the 7950 and the 760, so it would've been a good choice either way. Not much of a difference in frames from my amateur investigation.

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Honestly, I was about to get it too, until I saw Medal of Honor...

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I'm just going to put this out there - an exact quote from the first forum link OP listed. No, really, read through the entire thing.

4 Weeks Ago

I promise it's legit, I'm using this post as an example of the work I want to do for Riot before I even get on the phone with them. I'm proving I can do the job before I get the job to prepare for my interview. So basically, I'm trying to secure my job position by proving to my future employer that I want my job so badly, that I did it before I got it... for free.
The second I point that member of management to this thread, he's going to want me as an employee. So that's why I wrote this the way I did. Namely, because joining the Riot community is going to give me the chance to meet all the cool people I see when I watch LCS, and it's going to make everyone who plays League of Legends have the best experience that best that it can be, since we're repairing the only bad thing about the game - the common attitude of the community. Since we're repairing the root of the reason people don't enjoy a free game (the community that plays it) what we will actually end up doing is immortalizing this game so that there is never a reason to make a LoL2 (Like the case is with DoTA). We will continue to add champions, never make a new game. How awesome is that?
So if I prove that on my own that all I want to do is make that experience the best it can be for everyone else who loves League of Legends before I even get the job, it secures my position in the company before I even ask for it since it means that I'm going to improve the likelihood that League will be an enjoyable game for more people, since the biggest problem with the League community that detracts people from a free online game is the community itself. So since joining the community department and sharing my thoughts is my only goal, I want to basically make it possible for League of Legends to become a game that never dies. We've all had games like that before, but they were on consoles (i.e. Smash Bros. Melee - HELL YEAH!!! <3).
A Riot employee is Going to read this thread. Then he's going to feature it. All the important information is in the first post because I did this: I applied the Socratic Method to League of Legends - definition... "method of reasoning: a means developed by Socrates of arriving at the truth by continually questioning, obtaining answers, and criticizing the answers." I'm showing them that my attitude about the truth can enable me to love a game so much, and seek the truth so hard, that I can make a positive change like this, with or without being a part of the company, even if every person that replies to my thread with negative feedback does it in a way that assumes I'm not a respectable person from the get-go, even though I gave them no reason not to. So being a part of the company is a benefit to the company because I've already displayed that I have the skills they really want their department heads to have.
This means I am the best employee that Riot can ever hire, because they didn't have to train me and I already understand that just being a part of the company will make everyone the company works for, and everyone in the company, have someone they can turn to who will provide them friendship and advice no matter what. Even if I'm a faithful employee that works hard enough at his job, but has the skills to be a department head - even if I never take that position (and I never will ask for it, or want to take it because of the reasoning that follows) - being a hardworking faithful employee that just does the best he can for his boss will enable my boss to learn things from me and for us to be best friends, ignoring workplace hierarchy and forging friendships that will last us a lifetime.
That's why this thread is so important to me. It is not a thread I'm making for selfish reasons. I'm making this thread for everyone that plays League of Legends, and every person I'm going to meet after I get the job. I want to maximize the amount of people that I can meet so that I can teach more people to get more out of life in general, not just League of Legends, simply because spiritually, I'm a new man because of personal events in my life. I'm just asking Riot to let me join and give me the chance. How cool is that?
For that reason, this post will make League of Legends history. It will be left on the forums for everyone to see. It will be "stickied" somewhere. Because this will show the whole League of Legends community that if you want to improve the game bad enough, and you want to improve your attitude, that you can help others do it to. And all you have to do is ask Riot to give you the chance to do it better, and if you can put forth the effort and show them your ideas before you even get the job by using the forums properly and showing them how you want to mobilize the community you're going to effect to improve their game... Then they will definitely want you on their side. This thread is going to change our League of Legends community forever. Especially since I'm going to use my Riot position to help me start a "Teaching Stream" where I teach new players how to enjoy the game based on attitude alone first, and then teach the finer mechanics later. For that reason, if you've already posted in this thread... Do not be prideful and delete your post. We need this thread to remain as-is as an example for our community. Thanks.
Also, due to the teaching stream, since players everywhere will become less worried about being flamed and angered by people in team chat, they will naturally become better players at the game due to being able to play in a calmer environment. This will enable them to free their hands more... every single game that they play. Do you see pro teams typing? Haha, no. They're using their hands to carry. That's why they have headsets. This means that by creating a calmer environment, we will enable players to mutually respect another player who is only trying to point out a mistake while someone is in the death chamber, since it is in the intent that while that players hands are not doing anything (since they are respawning), all that the person who wants to point out the mistake has to do is either back to base, or sit in a bush out of range of harrass, or on his turret in lane (basically, a strategically safe place) to point out the mistake. This will free up people's hands so much, and their minds so much, that everyone in the League of Legends community is going to get better at this game.
That means more people will reach LCS for the right reasons. They can gel with random people that they don't know well enough to act like a ranked 5's team that is simply practicing in a normal draft queue game as if it were for a ranked game. That means, win or lose, ever match that anyone ever plays, from now on, will always yield something amazing. It will yield the knowledge of how to abuse a champions kit to the best of your ability, the items you build to the best of your ability, the summoners you pick to the best of your ability, and the runes and mastery choices you make to the best of your ability... So since everyone, as a whole community, is now focusing on analyzing (the most important skill for a pro team to have), simply because we changed the "meta," the "common" way to act in the champion select / picks and bans screen... This is what every game is going to look like from now on, ideally, assuming that my system works the way it should... and notice it only takes one person to have the right attitude:
Hey team! I'll fill
On one condition though... I just want team chat to be calm this game. If we can focus on respecting each other's pings by mutually respecting that we all know a little bit about this game, then all we have to do is be calm. I know how to apply the maximum amount of lane pressure in any role, so if you guys pay a little attention to my pings, I can help you take towers the fastest way possible, because even if we don't win KDA, if we win towers, we will win.
Keep in mind, this is a normal draft game. This is not ranked. We get IP whether we win or lose. We're not exchanging any losses or gains in LP for this. So, let's act the way described above so that we can learn the most from this game, and get the most out of our time.
Who's in?"
If one person responds that way to that one phase... and it becomes common for people to do that... Then it will simply become the expectation. Check my match history. You're going to see maybe 76 ranked games this season and a ton of normal games. Why is that? Because I couldn't be confident to play ranked when I can't use the knowledge I have about the game to mutually benefit my team. So until I figured out how to do that and gained more knowledge to make it succeed... I played normal draft games until I figured out that one phase of the game.
It was actually harder to do in normal draft than it is in a ranked game, simply due to the fact that the worst case scenario when solo queuing for a normal draft game is that there could be a premade of 3 or 4 people when you try to pull the team together. Since the premades in both ranked and draft exert more pressure on that phase than the solo queuers, that means it's much harder to make this work in normal than in ranked. That's why my match history is the way it is. That's why my division is only silver 5. I didn't make the mistake of just relying on myself to carry me through solo/duo queue like everyone else. I played a harder scenario and found a way to coordinate the single most important phase of the game every game, even in the worst-case scenario that is far worse than a ranked game. So not only did this vastly improve my skills, this has made me probably the single best person at League of Legends, at this moment, at gelling a team. I can have a team playing my ranked 5's strategies that take into account everything about the way that they build/play a champion (runes, masteries, builds, summoners) so that even if I play something non-meta every game, I can manipulate my strategy to exert the maximum amount of lane pressure every single game as long as I can have the people I'm queuing with copy my basic mastery pages, and some basic runes pages (and a few more advanced setups for specific champions' kit) and win the tower war.
Because of this, I am now the best League of Legends strategist in North America, at the very least. I will prove it to everyone with my new twitch stream that I started this morning. I need some help learning how to set it up. Last night, I turned to C9 Hai's twitch stream chat for help. It didn't work. He will remember why. And it's not because of C9 Hai. It's because of the community's attitudes. I explained my current situation this weekend politely, and his mods banned me because they thought I was a troll. So the only point I am trying to make by bringing this up... is really that I'm begging for someone that understands how to properly setup a stream to help me learn how to use Xsplit properly so I can start teaching people, and bring more legitimacy to the claims I'm making about my team captain and strategy abilities by teaching random people how to play the game to their ability level to maximize their lane pressure so that they can spend more time making exchanges in harass with enemy champions. Because the only thing that takes the most time to learn about league of legends is basically how you can use every part of your champions skill kit with every item you decide to purchase with your gold in order to beat the people you are facing. You can only learn that with experience.
Which brings me to my final point: I will be helping them win more exchanges in lane with the basic builds I will have them start out on (which focus primarily on the defense masteries tree instead of the **** you see all over mobafire builds where they go 21 offense or 21 utility and then 9 in defense because that's what the pros do - people who already understand mechanics and champion comps. These builds on mobafire are not taking into account current skill level in order to maximize time spending making exchanges, because they make the flawed assumption that the player already understands every mechanic in the game, or at least has the analytical skills to figure it out), anyone that watches my stream will learn vast amounts of things about mechanics very quickly. Namely because I will be analyzing every mistake that I see on my screen during the match. I will be using my experience of every game, and my stream of consciousness, to allow other people to learn from learning how I think. That is why my stream, in a month, will be the most featured and viewed stream on Solomid.net. Give me a month to figure out how streaming works, and due to the logic above, I will prove this to the League of Legends Community.

Secondly... you made this Giant Bomb account just to advertise your post over on the LoL community - furthermore telling us that you're "not a giantbomb.com member".

What the hell are you doing here then?

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Checked post history, everything related to posting Youtube videos with not much initiation of discussion. Flagged.