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Add me again! alatar.4173. I'm still in the waiting room of How I Met Your Mesmer...

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Same here, in the Northern part of the Americas!

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Would really love being match-made with a demo code! Thanks duders. Will eat a durger in your honor.

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Only One. Go check that out. You can try some Kairosoft games (I found Sushi Spinnery to be quite underrated, especially if you like food). Cook, Serve, Delicious has a Ryan cameo and is a fun finger-rage to boot. Brad likes Kingdom Rush. Frozen Synapse, Star Command? Combo Crew and Punch Quest are fun too.

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I'm into all three games, but not really eager to pay a higher price for just a special edition of the console. The whole account/factory reset is confusing to me, but I think I get it. Bummer. Thanks for the feedback! I think I'll keep looking...

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I usually have a good sense of what's good on Craigslist and what's not, but this is my first buy of a portable console.

It's a gold Zelda ed. 3DS XL, with original packaging and materials, plus Fire Emblem: A and Pokemon X (and the included Zelda ALBW on the SD card). "Near-mint" condition, played for ~30 hours. Total for $225.

What should I check for if I decide to meet the seller beyond button and hinge looseness? Also, are "used" 3DS systems easy/good for factory resetting?

Hope this isn't an improper topic to post - just totally lost with portable console value.

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I forgot who the genius was who made this for everyone (someone who knows please call it out so we all know), http://qlcrew.com/

//edit, never mind, the guy is szlifier. Thanks szlifier!

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As GiroMindTricks mentioned, my Asus GTX 760 came with an adapter - two 6pin to one 8pin, actually. You should check up the full package list for the specific manufacturer you got and see if that's provided.

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As someone who also came from a 6870 but switched to the GTX760, it was quite an improvement. I was also evenly split between the 7950 and the 760, so it would've been a good choice either way. Not much of a difference in frames from my amateur investigation.

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