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Is this being worked on?

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Co-Cop?  You mean buddy cop style?  Sweeeeet

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Yesssssss, been blueballed for so long.  Never make me wait this long ever again!

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I'm not sure if that's true.  The only supporting evidence I can find is this post by Jeff that discludes musicians whose music was licensed for game.  I think the consensus is that if you were credited in a game, you deserve a page. 
I don't have a problem with every person credited having their own page.  I support it actually.  My main gripe about that is that I need to first create a person page before adding them to the credits of a game.  The other issues I detailed are much bigger problems than this one.

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Talking about the drink here.  Huge fan of whiskey and for those of you of legal age, I'd like to know what some of your favorites are.  Here's a few of the whiskey's I've been drinking lately
Yamazaki Single Malt 18-Year Old
The Macallan Single Malt 12-Year Old
Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select 

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LOVED your double KO in that "Let's Play Evil Ryu" video!  "Will it work??? Oohhhhhh!!"

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I decided that I wanted to start filling out the credits for some games, but was stopped dead in my tracks by the terrible system set up for adding people to a game.  
You can't add a person to a game until they have a page on the site.  It's understandable that every person credited should also have a page on the site, but the credit submission system should be able to automatically create a blank person page for unknown people. 
There's only a handful of available options for a person's credited "Role."  Using a dropdown menu is a bad idea in general, since the roles vary greatly by company and by project.  At the VERY least, there should be an option for "Other", so that we can at least fill in the appropriate role in the description.  Ideally, "Role" should be a text field.   The best solution would be for us to be able to create categories such as "Associate Producers", "Engineers", etc. and organize people in groups according to their role. 
I've found a few topics covering these issues, but they were all at least a year old.  Is there any word on the the credit submission process being improved?

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#117! Whoooo!

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First their acquisition of Kongregate, now this