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Just got Meat Boy. As Isaac, I rerolled into Epic Fetus and found Habit in the shop. Along the way, I found a Sun card, and then made my way to the Chest. Rerolled the four items you get and found Blank Card, and eventually found a pedestal outside of that first room. Then the process became:

  1. Bomb myself with Epic Fetus to charge the D6 until I had five health left.
  2. Pick up Blank Card, bomb myself to one health, use Blank Card to copy The Sun. Now I'm at full health.
  3. Repeat until D6 is charged, reroll the four items.
  4. Repeat 1-3 until I found Monster Manual.
  5. Repeat 1-3 except with MM instead of the D6.
  6. Cry as 40 minutes of my life disappear.
  7. Eventually get Meat Boy after spawning something like three Bob's Brains, four Infested Babies, two ???'s Only Friends, two Gemini, and one of every other familiar in the game.

Still beats doing run after run only to get Conquest instead of Death on the Womb, I guess. Now I'm missing just two items that I've never picked up: Transcendence and Guardian Angel. As soon as I find those two, it's all over.

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@beachthunder: I didn't give either of those assholes more than two seconds to live; Brimstone hits 14 times per charge, so you generate 14 flies per hit, and each fly does 2x tear damage. By the time I got to those waves, I had amassed a fly army to blot out the sun. I simply positioned myself properly, killed the last enemy on that wave, and nuked them as they spawned. Beam shooting enemies are easily the worst; you need to know their positioning (you can stand just under Bloat's sideways beam and still damage him from the side) and be ready for them. My number one thing is to obliterate Carrion Queen before she can drop more than one poop; that floor gets real messy, so they tend to blend in.

Other then that....well, you can use rocks to your advantage as none of the jumping bosses will ever hop over a rock. That's about it, though; The Lost doesn't benefit from any heart drops that a boss might leave behind, so it's all on you to get through. Boss Rush might be the achievement that requires the most overpowered run, compared to the rest: there are ways to skip floors to kill ??? and The Lamb without dealing with their bullshit levels, but Boss Rush has you stuck in for the long haul.

You'll get it; my win counter read -185 at one point, and I went three days in a row without having a single run get past the Caves. It can feel bleak at times, but that's Isaac; one run you get jack shit, the next you find Holy Mantle + Mom's Knife back to back.

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@beachthunder: Weirdly enough, Boss Rush was the first one that I completed. On that run, I beat Boss Rush, Mom's Heart, and Isaac, before walking into a long room in the chest with two Bloats that just annihilated me from off-screen. You can imagine the mixed emotions; on one hand, I accomplished half of my goals, on the other, I'd have to do that route over again to beat ???.

I had three successful runs in total, with something like 300 deaths. Each run had Dead Cat, two runs had the Guppy transformation. I won the first two with a combo of Brimstone + blue flies from being Guppy, while the last one was a Mom's Knife + Game Kid (which was replaced by Book of Shadows on the Chest). Here's my tips for anyone still slogging through this bullshit:

You need a good fucking start; before the patch I'd wait until I got a XL Basement, afterward I just did every seed that started with the Basement. Each one of the successful runs was damaged stacked out of the gate; Blood of the Martyr + Cricket's Head + Brimstone on XL Basement, for instance. You need enough damage to survive until you can get some form of protection; Holy Mantle is nice but that's only one hit's worth of protection on a hard room, and I found I prefer getting Dead Cat instead. A real tough room might be worth three hits the first time you see it, but I found that going in, getting killed and respawning allowed me to learn enough to avoid damage, so I usually went for Devil Rooms instead of Angel Rooms. You really need kill speed; that brief window when you walk in can be enough to kill one enemy, and that is pretty crucial on the later floors where the game takes off the kid gloves. I restarted any run that gave me a useless item out of the gate; just not worth hoping you luck out.

Now I get to sit back with everyone else that's finished this nonsense and laugh. Best of luck.

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Never playing this fucking character ever again!

Well that took fucking forever. Now I just need Meat Boy (already have Bandage Girl) and I'm done. Until the expansion.


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If you're running a Crossfire setup, this game loves to crash, and loves to turn shadows into a glitchy flickering mess. As far as I can tell, the crashes are from the new beta drivers that AMD rolled out, but the game runs like a slideshow without those, so it's crashes or nothing for me. The shadows are just fucked either way.

At least it only seems to happen in menus or in conversations. I've adopted a weird style where I do a bunch of open world stuff, save, and then roll the dice for anything else. Sometimes I get away with it for a few hours, sometimes the game dies over and over.

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@beachthunder said:

@sunbrozak said:

The design of the secret character feels at odds with the design of the whole game. The Binding of Isaac isn't a game about not getting hit. With the way items interact with your ability to dodge, it's near impossible to avoid all damage. With any other character, getting hit just forces you to readjust your strategy appropriately. There's some skill in being able to adapt to having low health, or no consumables.

This isn't about skill and technique, it's about getting the exact combination of a few items early on, and breaking the game in a way so that the health mechanics become null and void. Which would be fine if this was a joke character with no progression tied to it, but for someone who would like to properly complete the game, it's very frustrating.

Yeah, I think I have to agree. Even ??? is on the extreme side, but with the other character, a lot of the items just become completely useless.

At least there are some synergies with ???; the Polaroid/Negative effects fire every time you are hit, beds always give you three spirit hearts (VERY handy), you still can play blood donation machines and go into curse rooms. Hell, I always considered ??? to be the best character in WotL, simply because the Polaroid turned him into a late game monster.

With that other guy, you can't use half of the mechanics in the game. No blood banks, no curse rooms, no sacrifice rooms, no damaging yourself to get stronger (Bloody Lust, Dead Bird, Razor Blade, Blood Rights, etc) or using any heart generating items. Contrary to any other character, there are items you practically need to collect in order to have any chance on later floors (Holy Mantle, Goat Head, Dead Cat/Guppy's Collar/1 Up). You also have to restart possibly hundreds of times to find a first floor setup which is viable, and you might as well give up if you don't. This guy did it, and notes that it took three days to pull it all off.

EDIT: Here's a quote:

I went straight for the Godhead after unlocking The Lost, out of all the runs i did only 4 of them made it past It Lives, Majority fell in the Caves/Catacombs, the rest in the Basement/Cellar. To start off i held down R till my fingers hurt waiting for the right starts to get runs off the ground...runs would only begin when i either had an XL Basement or an Item room at spawn with one of the mentioned items inside, XL floors make two item rooms free with the devil deal awaiting, i rarely bothered with the Cellar, Mini Haunts in the Haunt fight ended a great many runs due to their extremely accurate shots coupled with the big Haunt blocking escape paths.


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@westernwizard: "C:\Users\<Your Name>\My Documents\My Games\Binding of Isaac Rebirth" if you are on a PC. For what it's worth, I checked after every death as well.

@beachthunder: A lot of people use the Donation Machine as a way to store up coins to then spend on later runs; not the best plan when you haven't unlocked everything from it, obviously. I've also had fairly atrocious luck with the damn thing; half the time it jams within 1-3 coins.

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@fredchuckdave: For me, it's getting every item, the same way that it was in the first game.

@beachthunder: I try to go in with one heart or less; leave some fire or a spike somewhere in the level (or have some bombs on hand), clear out the rooms between you and the boss, and drop your health before you go in. Stand in the middle and the first stomp will get you.

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@fredchuckdave: Four of the best Items in the game are tied to him, and you need him + those for Real Platinum God. Not saying that's going to be fun, but if you wanna clear the whole game, you've got to suck it up.

@westernwizard: I can confirm that the seeds work as that's the way I did it. If you die in any other way during the chain, you need to quit out of the game and start again. You can check this in the log file; search for "puzzle" and if the line says "failed", you need to quit out and start over. If it doesn't return any results, you are good to continue. I followed the seeds on the wiki as those seem easiest; you should be able to handle the Azazel part without them as, well, it's Azazel. He's not exactly a hard character to play as.

@alistercat: If you beat that room, it should unlock an item depending on the character you did it with. There's one for each different character, but I usually just complete it every time I get the chance; you get a choice of four items, one random item when you are done, and at least one boss usually drops an eternal heart so that's a health upgrade on the end.

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@beachthunder: Achievement? Dunno. One of the best items in the game? Absolutely. I assume it has an achievement associated with it.

Here's the list of unlockable items and effects at certain donation levels.