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I now have all the Besties, DYM, Remake Rematch, and reviews (as kindly provided by @chaser324), and am working on the subscriber videos (a small section but with larger file sizes) along with all the podcast episodes, but I was wondering: while archiving them for myself is nice, what can I do to upload and distribute this? I mean, there's always Bittorrent, but I've got little desire to seed this for the weeks it'd take to get some copies floating around.

Is there any solution to hosting a 40GB+ set of files that doesn't require paying into some shady file hosting site?

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Oh man, going back over some of these old videos, you really find some great gems:

Filmmaker Rorie: "I wanna make a movie!"

Studio Executive Rorie: "Great, what's it about?"

Filmmaker Rorie: "Ninja assassins!"

Studio Executive Rorie: "Great, what's it called?"

Filmmaker Rorie: "Ninja Assassins!"


Studio Executive Rorie: "HERE IS SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS."

@rorie You and Alex really had something special going here, especially with Joey's editing. Fantastic stuff.

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@mlarrabee said:

If I had anything but an awfully slow ISP I could archive all of the classic Rorie and Alex videos (Defending, Besties, etc).

Does any premium member have plans to download and archive them in their entirety? I literally cannot download that much data before the closure.

I am as we speak. Screened refuses to utilize more than a fifth of my connection, so it might take a bit, but I'm getting them all while I still can.

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What an amazing triumph. The kid that walks into walls, consults keys, and worships fossils is champion.

What a ride.

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If they can keep the frame rate from taking a nose dive, I'll gladly sacrifice some graphical fidelity as a trade.

...of course, this is From Software we're talking about, and I don't think they've made a game in the past five years that never tanks in the FPS department. Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and both Armored Cores all had shitty frame rates in that time period.

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@demoskinos: TPP is weird like that; sometimes you spend six hours trying to cut a tree down, or to just teach a pokemon a move.

Other times, you somehow have 55,000 people all spamming buttons and wind up catching a Zapdos with the Master Ball, without:

  1. Killing it.
  2. Running away.
  3. Using Whirlwind to end the fight.
  4. Dying to it.
  5. Wasting the Master Ball on the way there on a random Pokemon.
  6. Dropping the Master Ball on the ground.
  7. Leaving the building without fighting it.

Frankly, it shouldn't be possible. The odds of just screwing one thing up were so high. We ran from just about every single fight in the powerplant before that! Red had a case of pants-shitting terror when anything approached him. And yet we didn't run, or waste the item, or kill the bird. Somehow we pulled it off....

...and then we spent hours trying to get the damn thing out of the PC without releasing every pokemon we caught. It's a combination of serendipitous events, bouts of monumental failure, and the struggle that fills the gaps in-between.

You can watch for hours, have nothing happen, take a 20 minute nap, and have 12 of the pokemon disappear.

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Bed of Chaos, easy. It's totally random whether or not you live or die once you get swept. The direction she hits you has almost nothing to do with the direction you wind up flying in, which is inevitably towards a pit.

Easily the most frustrating part of that game. Your stats do not matter. Your memorization of patterns makes no difference. Your gear is inconsequential. Either the game decides you'll beat it in one go, or you're going into a fucking pit.

Every other boss in the game can be handled with little difficulty once you know how. You can just iron flesh, Havel up and swing away, and most will melt. A rare few require you to actually dodge some hits, and once you get good at that, every single one of them will fall apart.

But Bed of Chaos? Coin flip. Heads? Into a fucking pit.

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@humanity said:

@mirado: That is entirely your right to think so but I personally believe this is a very dangerous mindset to have.

What can I say, I'm a dangerous man.

@ben_h said:

This is a much larger deal than it would seem. I also have seen quite a few sites and personalities I've liked go under because they could not afford to continue because the people who watched them every day could not or, in some cases even when given the opportunity, did not give back in any way, and ad revenue wasn't enough (especially Twitch ad revenue. It's downright disgusting how little they pay streamers now. They used to pay way more). That is why if I have the opportunity to pay a bit of money towards something I like, I will.

Heck, there could be no premium features and I would still pay to support the site because I like what they do and want them to continue on with it all.

That's the problem with the internet. People are so used to things appearing to be free that they forget that it costs money to do a lot of this stuff. Yet when given the opportunity to actually pay for the stuff they use, people don't, and in some cases have the gall to call sites or people greedy for doing so.

Yeah, and with the rise of things like Adblock, whatever paltry sum could be made from ad revenue shrinks even further. That's why you are seeing the rise of things like Patreon; as traditional revenue models fall out of favor, more and more people will turn to crowdsourcing their income. And for an entertainer, I think that's wonderful; if you really enjoy what a person does, you should be willing to pay for it, and getting the money directly from the people you are making content for seems like a great arrangement, as long as the volume is there. Hopefully as things advance, the idea that all this stuff can be generated for free will diminish as people start to notice more traditionally funded websites disappear.

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@sooty said:

I would hardly say "there's content but only one guy on the staff does it" makes it much better.

It's commendable Patrick does so much, especially as he isn't even at the office but this doesn't do much when put against my comment that the paywall is making it feel somewhat alienating, and I never said I didn't like Patrick. I find some of what he says annoying at times but that's not why I dislike the content, it just doesn't interest me as I don't really care for the vast majority of indie games, the guests on Bombin' or most gaming news.

Well, to be honest, that's a lot of the premium content too. Before Demon's Souls, Brad was running Volgarr, an indie game. Unprofessional Fridays have been about smaller games for a good long while, Jar Time is just Jeff's reactions to news (as the majority of questions sent in seem to revolve around news topics), and Dota is just Dota with Brad and four non-GB guys. I'm not sure how much you would enjoy out of any of that.

I don't know. While I agree that the free stuff could use more variety, you can't please everyone, and to me it sounds like you didn't win the coin flip on which content was determined to be premium. If all that Patrick stuff was swapped with Breaking Brad and Load Our Last Save, I assume you'd be happier even if the volume of content didn't increase over what it is now.

Also, I think Patrick can be so productive precisely because he's out of the office. His setup is quick, easy, and only requires one person to operate. Doing anything at CBSi requires a team of at least three to avoid having someone running around from set to control room.

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@humanity said:

@sweep: @mirado: I feel strange when I read people write in how they pay the subscription but they don't expect anything out of it, that it's not a business proposition for them but instead it's a homage to the patrons. It's very much a business proposition for them so why should it be a one way street? It's not like the membership is a tip jar, otherwise content wouldn't be gated behind it. As gold members we pay in order to get something in return. Maybe I'm too in-tune with the ol' American values of the customer having some sort of rights, but if I'm giving someone money I do expect to have at least a little say in what I get in return for it. While in any other part of the site I enjoy the care free attitude, when it comes down to memberships I do feel like there should be some sort of back and forth relationship. To reiterate for the hundredth time, I love the site and the guys and have nothing but respect for Jeff as an individual and a professional.

Because I have disposable income, I love what these guys do, and too many of the things that I enjoy have gone and died due to lack of support, when just asking for donations might have floated it for at least a little while longer.

Hell, I was stoked when Whiskey Media had an actual tip jar. Videos are nice, removing ads is cool, but if Jeff said "We need money to float this bitch," I'd sub twice. Easily. Giant Bomb is a major staple of my entertainment line up; I pay for TV and get less usage out of it than I get out of this one website, and one month costs me more than a year of GB.

Back when WM existed and we had Tested and Screened in the fold, I was in fucking heaven. If subbing to each one of them individually would have kept it around, I would have done it in a heartbeat. GB is in no danger of dying, I know. But I love what these guys do to the point that I'd give them money regardless, and also whether or not I got much more than a nice avatar medal out of it.

Because I feel they deserve it. It's the best $50 I spend all year.

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@mirado said:

@sooty said:

I can't comment on the content because now most of it is behind a paywall.

It feels like I can barely watch anything on the site anymore unless I just want to watch quick looks.

Or Unfinished. Or Patrick's Spelunky/Risk of Rain/nearly daily video thing. Or Bombin' The AM. Or Worth Playing. Or Mailbags. or Bombasticas.

I don't enjoy Patrick's content, Unfinished is just another word for quick looks so I don't get your point.

Well, excuse me. I didn't realize that "most of the content is behind a paywall" really meant "There's actually plenty to watch but I don't like Patrick." I don't get your point; you said there's no videos, and I showed you there is. Whether you like them or not is up to you.