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@the_nubster: They sort of nerfed Cain, or at least Cain's item. You no longer get all good pills, and the luck up effect isn't even enough to raise your luck stat on the pause screen. Too bad, he was my favorite character in WotL, now I'm much happier with Samson since Bloody Lust got a boost.

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@beachthunder: Hard to say. Guppy certainly seems dead, at least in the sense that Isaac's clearly suffocating and that probably bodes poorly for the cat as well. Isaac seems to deny this reality; both Guppy's Body (Dead Cat) and Guppy's Collar are resurrection items, and his will is made out to the cat when he dies. My take is that Isaac may have put Guppy in the toy chest with the rest of his toys and forgot about him, and when he sees his body after climbing in himself, he's finally pushed over the edge into thinking he really is evil. Of course, I'm just speculating.

In other news:

Down to the last quarter!
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@beachthunder: When you die with a certain trinket (the lost poster), you get a puzzle piece overlaid on your death poster. People started to figure out that there were multiple puzzles for multiple characters, and that it was possible they spelled out how you had to die with certain characters. Then someone went and datamined the solution and sort of killed the joy of discovering the whole thing, and Edmund got really pissed. Kind of a shame, but the internet is going to do what it wants, and they were well on the way to solving it anyway, but he said that he won't waste his time doing something so intensive for the expansion.

@sunbrozak: This guy has a great overview and was confirmed by Edmund to be the most mind blowing, in depth, and accurate explanation of the story so far. I assume you read it (or at least came to the same conclusion), but for everyone else, check it out. It flies in the face of a lot of the "This game hates religion!" or "It's so childish!" criticisms. I agree with your assumption as well, the game really seems to be hinting at that outcome.

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@beachthunder: Something tells me that he's going to be an important component of the expansion, perhaps the gateway to another final level. It does seem odd that you beat him and get...nothing, really. No item unlock (even with The Lost) or anything.

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@sunbrozak: Oh, I forgot about that little shit. Yeah, I guess you can get one thing out of killing Mega Satan with him, but for 99% of your other runs, you won't need to worry about getting those key pieces.

@theblue: I'm looking at it like this; everything past the Mom's Heart fight should be spoiler tagged and the methods to unlock any achievements should be tagged (but not necessarily the rewards as that doesn't really reveal anything, except in the case of The Lost as he isn't even listed on the character select until you unlock him). Otherwise I feel that everything is fair game, especially mechanics from the first game.

Once we get out of this initial launch window, say a month or so, I'll relax my self censorship more and more. I just don't want to ruin the joy of someone running up on something crazy for the first time, since I got that experience in the first game.

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@theblue: The I Am Error room really isn't a spoiler; it was in the first game and can only be accessed by teleporting, but you don't unlock any secret cool shit for landing in one. It usually offers a free item, and can have a variety of other configurations on top of that; your aforementioned gold chests is one of them, but I've also seen items for sale like a shop, or a room full of pills. There's an item that you can unlock which will teleport you to either secret room, item room, or the I Am Error room, significantly increasing the likelihood of you stumbling onto it.

@beachthunder: Yep! You also can use Kamikaze with it for unlimited, no damage self explosions and a bunch of other really busted uses. Hell of a lot of fun.

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@beachthunder: First off, congrats on No. 8. You get to hold your head high after beating that one. As for No. 7, let's assume you aren't lucky and find something that alters your tears significantly. In that case, it does boil down to standing at the proper range; keep in mind you can run forward while shooting to increase the distance before it'll rebound. Take your time; your shots count as bombs, so you can use them to find secret rooms and often shortcut parts of levels. Certain items will really come in hand for dealing damage; Tammy's head will be like a WW2 era bombing run, for instance. The key is to do well early (the first four levels) to try and net some Angel Rooms; Holy Mantle will cut down on self inflicted damage significantly. If you get as lucky as possible, you can find Pyromaniac and just straight up win, but you can beat it without doing a hundred resets. You do have to beat Issac, however, so gear up for a long haul.

@sunbrozak: Every single time. Honestly, you only need to do it once as, as far as I can tell, you don't really get anything for doing so beyond the last ending. The secret to Angel Rooms is to avoid taking damage on bosses and to avoid taking any Devil deals that pop up first. Just walk in, and walk back out. You usually can get two if you're playing well enough.

@fredchuckdave: You can use seeded runs for the first three character deaths, but not the last one. That speeds up the challenge a hell of a lot, as Multibooms are hard to come by.

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@beachthunder: Yeah, I was exaggerating, although in terms of time I feel like those few challenges took as long as the rest combined. As for the specifics (I'll spoiler them in case you don't have one of these, but there's no real secrets involved in any of them, and I won't say how to get them in case you want to work it out on your own):

  • No 6: I got lucky and found Hive Mind in the shop, which pumped my fly damage enough to knock most things out, and a lucky Krampus' Head to annihilate any bosses.
  • No 13: I road on bombs and farting until I found Magic Fingers in the shop. Magic Fingers might as well be an instant win button if you've got the cash to use it, and tossing all those bombs around meant I found a lot of extra coins (and A Quarter) in skulls, pots, and rocks.
  • No 19: I was able to get Lil' Brimstone in a deal, and that plus your starting BFFS item is close to just having Brimstone itself. You do need to go down pretty far to actually win this one (past Mom's Heart), so it's a bit tougher than the above, but it's still manageable.

Now, good ol' No. 8 is the worst. Cat's Got Your Tongue starts you with Guppy's Hairball, Head, Tail, and fucking nothing else. The files are good for a few enemies per room, but the vast majority of the time I had to just swing that fucking hairball around, praying that its weird momentum was enough to actually graze enemies as I frantically spun the analog stick (and you better use a fucking controller or you'll have carpel tunnel in no time) like it was a Mario Party minigame. I didn't get any useful offensive items at all, but the game kept me packed with hearts (Humbling Bundle + Contract From Below = consumable bonanza!) and you only need to beat Mom, but fuuuuccckkk that challenge.

Shame, as it has the best reward (The Rune of Algiz, a consumable that gives you invincibility which lasts for a whole room!) which I guess they did on purpose as it's the most fucked challenge.

I was so happy to finish these that I took a screenshot of the list. Fucking No. 8, man.

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@pyrodactyl: I just finished all the challenges, and I think they're a great primer on melee-ing absolutely everything. Half of them remove your ability to shoot.

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@roomrunner said:

@pyrodactyl said:

Guys, orbiting tears+mom's knife is the worst combo of the universe in the history of ever.


You can still melee people with it, just got to get used to moving near guys without running into them. Frankly, I think the worst is Anti-Gravity + Brimstone (or Azazel which is even worse, since it's just brimstone but shorter) as you then need to time every single shot.

Now, if you get Strange Attractor, things change. Then you have a black hole made out of blood which will pummel anything in the room.